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Talking Shop with… Tracy Bailey


Tracy Bailey, executive director for Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements, says retailers can expect high margins on fruit arrangement sales. 

Tell us about Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements.BailorTracy
Tracy Bailey: With the growing trend of healthy eating and demand for convenience, Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements blossomed, opening its first location in 2008. Today Blossoms has more than 60 locations across North America both as standalone retail locations and as a product line added to an existing business.

Blossoms is currently the only player in the market providing existing businesses, such as grocery chains, the opportunity to offer the fresh fruit arrangement product to its customers. This gives grocery chains the opportunity to be the exclusive company offering our brand and product in their respective areas.

How can you help grocery retailers make more money for their operations?
Expanding their familiar fruit and veggie assortments with the high profit margins and value-added service of fruit arrangements is sure to add significant revenues to their produce departments. With consumers typically spending between $75 to $100 per order and a minimum of 65% profit margin on the product, it is a no brainer.

This also gives consumers the ability to taste perhaps a variety of fruit that they normally would not buy on a regular basis. Sparking a love for these foods can prompt customers to purchase these fruits and veggies during their normal shopping visits, thus increasing overall sales.

In addition to fruit and vegetable sales this is a great opportunity to generate sales in other departments. Customers coming to pick up orders are going to—out of pure convenience—grab their milk, bread and other items.

What do retailers need to do to maximize sales and profits?
Awareness, awareness, awareness. Retailers should place visually appealing signage in high-traffic areas of the store. They should also incorporate the product into their online and social media efforts, weekly circulars, in-store promotions and catalogues. It is important that the consumer knows the retailer is carrying the product.

In addition to awareness, retailers can minimize waste and labor cost by taking advantage of our onsite extensive training program for their staff. This training gives the employees the hands on training and experience to be fast and efficient through the assembly, maximizing profits.

Is there anything retailers need to be on the lookout for in terms of merchandising and marketing?
The biggest challenge for retailers is not over-marketing, thereby generating demand above their means. This is especially true during the gift giving holidays. Consumers hate hearing “No, I’m sorry we are booked.”  They will then go to the competitor.

That being said, it is still important to market effectively. Blossoms provide retailers with professionally designed digital marketing materials such as coupons, in-store catalogues and trifolds.

With today’s consumers, social media and online marketing is one of the most important tools for success. It is cost efficient and one of the most successful means of marketing. There are approximately 1.74 billion social media users and social media websites play a crucial role in acquiring customers to businesses. For retailers without this already in-house, Blossoms provides them with access to a social media and online marketing management team to ensure their success.

Why would fresh fruit arrangements work with consumers?
Consumers are looking for fresh and healthy. Consumer trends tell us this every day. This puts fresh fruit arrangements in demand. People are choosing our bouquets for holidays, centerpieces, sympathy arrangements, birthdays, parties, weddings, funerals, get wells and much more.

Consumers are also looking for convenience. They do not want to have to visit a specialty store when they are out shopping for a special occasion. So what better place to offer this convenience than the grocery store.


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