A sunny and sweet lunch spot

A new market opened around the corner from Grocery Headquarters’ NYC offices.

Our team has pretty much exhausted all our food options in the immediate vicinity, so a bright and airy new market is quick to catch our eye. Yet, checking it out wasn’t at the top of my list until I was handed a menu – better described as a booklet – outside my office one afternoon.

Well, well, welcome to the neighborhood Sun Sweet Fresh Market.

Now, I know what you are thinking – or at least what you are thinking if you are from NYC – “Its gonna be the same as all the other markets with rows of hot dishes, a semi-stocked deli counter and junk food galore.”

Not so much. Allow me to summarize the menu options. For these purposes, lets stick with lunch and skip the page of breakfast omelets and wraps, and the page and a half of coffee, tea and smoothie drinks (like 50-something options). Let’s JUST talk about lunch…

  • 21 soup varieties
  • A deli section that includes almost 50 sandwichs under the classic, specialty, cheese and salad sandwich categories; more than 50 panini varieties; more than a dozen wraps; and any combination of fillers you can dream up.
  • a burger menu that includes beef, turkey and veggie options under a number of themes
  • a Tex-Mex bar with burritos, bowls and quesadillas
  • brick-oven melts made with any and every thing you could imagine putting into a brick oven
  • half a dozen Chef’s Specials that includes a Surf & Turf sandwich…
  • 30-something other “grilled” options
  • specialty salads
  • a tossed salad bar
  • and then under the Asian genre: dozens of sushi rolls, Udon bowls, Ramen, specialty selections, Tofu soups and Bi-Bam-Bap

Pretty effin impressive right? Well, that doesn’t even include it all. They have three hot buffet stations, a cooler with fresh cut fruits and veggies and off to the side a bakery and Quinoa Bowl station.

I have never felt so overwhelmed in my life. On the walk over I had some idea of what I wanted, but after entering I felt like someone had blindfolded me, spun me in circles and dumped me in a new environment. Everything looked so good and so fresh and so clean.

As it often happens when I am faced with a detrimental amount of options, I defaulted to a burrito. I felt my stomach fill up and protrude from my abdomen as I watched them make the ginormous wrap… and then I proceeded to eat it in its entirety.

Since then I have been back twice; once to explore the deli section and a second time to sample the tossed salad bar.

In addition to having almost every trendy meal option under the Sun [Sweet Fresh Market], there are a few aisles of chips, canned goods, a cooler with dairy, including some yummy looking cheeses, beer and tons of non-alcoholic beverages and juices.

I know what you are thinking, NYC has a ton of foodservice slash grocery markets; that is what NYC does best. But this place… this market has taken it up a notch. It is definitely unique in its variety of offerings and quality.

And as a self-proclaimed fresh food guru, let me tell ya that variety and fresh is what the people want. So good job Sun Sweet Fresh Market. I hope you settle into your new home and THANK YOU for the awesome new lunch spot.

(No, I was not offered ANY free food to write this; that is not to say that I can not be bribed with free food… this is just not one of those times.)

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