Guy Fieri Burgers are Coming to Walmart Stores

GF_Burger_GreenChili_v01Golden West Food Group has teamed up with celebrity chef and Food Network Star Guy Fieri to bring his famous burger recipes to consumers’ kitchens.

The 1/3-pound burgers are available in  three flavors:Pepperoni Mozzarella, BBQ Bacon Cheddar and Green Chili & Pepper Jack. Packing Guy Fieri’s bold flavors into a beef patty is unique way to expand his product line and give fans another taste of Guy’s signature style in their own home, say company officials.

“We knew the burgers had to be special. Guy Fieri is known for his bold grilling flavors, and it was crucial that we infuse them into each burger patty” says Tony Cimolino, CMO of Golden West Food Group. “We are very excited for the consumer to enjoy these on the BBQ this grilling season.”

There come six burgers to a box, and will be available this May with a suggested retail price of $8.98.

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5 Responses to Guy Fieri Burgers are Coming to Walmart Stores

  1. sadie says:

    I wonder if guy fieri has tried these after there frozen!!!! The green chile pepper jack burgers were horrible!!!!!! they had horrible flavor and they tasted old and the box said best by 11/1/14 and we had them on 9/22/14. very disappointing worst money I have spent on something in a long time! REFUND!

  2. delilah faris says:

    These so called burgers are the WORST ive ever eaten, they do not even taste like meat, can not taste the green chilis they just taste bad

  3. Very disappointing! They taste like turkey burgers. But if I were trapped at the bottom of a well and that’s l had to eat, I guess I wouldn’t starve.

  4. Peter Lawson says:

    Sorry, but the fatty baconless flavour of the burgers is something I can’t ever purchase again. Something in there went crunch, for the price they were … pitiful.
    These burgers are just wrong. Bye Bye reputation.

  5. Nancy says:

    Worst frozen Burgers we ever ate!! Would not buy them ever again! Need a refund.

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