Mushroom Council Launches Swap It or Top It Display Contest

SwapitortopitThe Mushroom Council’s first ever Summer Retail Display Contest taking place in June 2014. To participate, retailers have to build a mushroom display in June utilizing the Council provided Swap It or Top It point of sales kit and their own creativity within the grilling theme.

Snap a photo of the cross-merchandized mushroom display, submit the photo in June 2014 and the store will be entered to win. The council is giving away $10,000 in prizing to 21 winners.

According to officials at the Mushroom Council, participating in this summer retail display contest can help:

  • increase sales of mushrooms and cross merchandized items;
  • grow excitement, teamwork and creativity with employees;
  • break shoppers out of routine habits and inspire new purchases; and
  • bring national media attention to your store.

Retailers can download their free point-of-sale display kit here.

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