Newcastle’s Bombshell Blonde Ale & Its Bombshell are Back for Summer

Newcastle Bombshell 6 pkIf you’re trying to get people to buy a great-tasting summer seasonal beer, it helps to have an attractive woman on the packaging, industry observers say. Newcastle, the No Bollocks beer brand, is hoping to validate this theory, company officials say, and have brought back their Newcastle Bombshell Blonde Ale for summer, now featuring a swimsuit-clad bombshell on its packaging.

“Newcastle Bombshell is a smooth, great-tasting summer beer. But we can’t expect people to take us at our word on that,” says Quinn Kilbury, brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale. “No matter how much we talk about how smooth and great-tasting Newcastle Bombshell is, we’ll catch more people’s attention with an attractive woman on the packaging than we would with talk about how smooth and great-tasting Newcastle Bombshell is. Did I mention that Newcastle Bombshell is smooth and great-tasting?”

Newcastle Bombshell is brewed with Cascade, Hallertau and Northdown hops. The combination helps balance the light-colored golden ale’s light aroma and bitterness with toasted malt for a smooth, clean finish, and a floral hop aroma with a hint of fruitiness, officials say. At 4.4% alcohol by volume, the beer has 125 calories per 12-ounce serving and 28 IBUs.

Newcastle Bombshell will be available from April through July in 6- and 12-pack configurations. The beer is being promoted with breakthrough packaging designs and point-of-sale displays, extensive social media promotion, and sampling activations.

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