Organic Alexander Lucas Pears Coming to Market

Alex LucasOrganic Alexander Lucas pears are back this spring, brought to the North American market by Viva Tierra Organic. The heirloom variety has a dedicated following among pear connoisseurs who look forward to its brief season, say Viva Tierra officials.

The Alexander Lucas is a venerable variety which originated in the European monastic orchards along the Loire river. It was first described as a distinct variety in the mid 1800’s. Today they are grown in the fertile Rio Negro river valley of Argentina, another region known for its orchards.

“The Alexander Lucas is a superior pear that deserves more attention in the market,” says Paul McCaffrey, sales representative for Viva Tierra Organic. “They are great to round out a spring pear display at retail with their distinctive appearance, something special to add variety to the standard d’Anjou and Bosc offerings.”

The Alexander Lucas is a high-quality fresh eating pear. The white flesh is described as dense, juicy and buttery-smooth. It is sweet with a wonderfully complex yet delicate flavor and a lovely aroma, say company officials; the pears are green and distinctly short and rounded, with long sturdy stems.

The Alexander Lucas pears will be packed in 10 kg “Viva Tierra Organic” boxes. The volume is limited, with fewer than 45 pallets expected for the season. They will be arriving in the US the last week of April, and will be exclusively available from Viva Tierra Organic.

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