Pink Lady Joins Everfresh Premier Varietals

Everfresh Pink Lady Single BottleEverfresh Premier Varietals line of all-natural apple juices welcomes a new flavor: Pink Lady. The Everfresh line is a 100% juice line that showcases the unique and recognizable characteristics of distinctive varieties of apples.

Emulating what the wine industry has long done with wines – offering a select variety of distinctive fruit flavors – Pink Lady is the sixth flavor in the Everfresh Premium Varietals line, joining the distinctive lusciousness of Granny Smith, McIntosh, Honey Crisp, Golden Delicious and Fuji.

“As our senior management team was strategizing about how we could create a unique product line extension of our Everfresh brands, we observed that wines come in different varieties based on the different types of grapes that are used,” says Alan Domzalski, COO and vice president of finance. “We set out to do the same thing with apple juice using different varieties of apples. We’re proud to have created an exclusive line that is leading the field, something no one else has done before with apple juice. Pink Lady is a ‘natural’ fit with our lineup and is sure to become a consumer favorite.”

The addition of Pink Lady to the Everfresh line of Premier Varietals is seen as great news by Dr. John Reeves, general manager of Pink Lady America in Yakima, Washington. “As we seek new products to be part of our value-added program, it was such a pleasant surprise to hear from Everfresh and to be able to (like fine wine) sip all five varietals,” Reeves says. “It was so exciting to sample a product unlike any other juice and now to have Pink Lady as part of their exclusive line.”

Everfresh Premier Varietals in 12-ounce glass bottles join more than 50 other juices in the Everfresh lineup and are available in the produce section of select retailers throughout Michigan.

Everfresh is a product of the Sundance Beverage Company, which also has brands like Mr. Pure juices, Rip It energy fuel, LaCroix sparkling waters and MegaSport sports drinks. Sundance Beverage Company is part of the National Beverage family of iconic brands, including Michigan’s very own Faygo Beverages.

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