Stemilt Adds to Anniversary Celebration with Heritage Gold

GoldenSunriseStemilt Growers is continuing its 50th year anniversary celebration by introducing a new seal for select cell packed cartons of premium late storage Golden Delicious apples. “Heritage Gold” celebrates the favorite apple of Tom Mathison, Stemilt’s late founder, and will appear on 50th anniversary cartons of select Golden Delicious apples for a limited time only.

“Our best Golden Delicious apples have been reserved for this special item, which adds to our 50th year anniversary celebration and honors Tom’s great legacy,” says Roger Pepperl, Stemilt marketing director. “Goldens were Tom’s favorite apple, and a variety he put lots of time and energy into bringing to market. Flavor was always his focus and the apples that will be packed with the Heritage Gold seal are the ones Tom would have been proud of.”

Stemilt has reserved the Heritage Gold seal for premium Golden Delicious apples in soft cell packs, where each apple is compartmentalized in a padded cell. It is available in sizes: 96, 80, 68 and 60.

“Goldens are a delicate variety and the soft cell pack is designed to protect each apple during transport. We’ve reserved the best fruit – premium Goldens with perfect finish and great flavors – in ideal sizes for this limited-time-only pack,” says Pepperl adding that volumes of Golden Delicious apples at retail traditionally increase in the spring and summer.

The Heritage Gold seal will be stamped on the company’s retro anniversary carton, which is also being used for other Stemilt items during 2014. The white box adorned with the Stemilt logo and ladybug was originally designed by Tom Mathison and used for many years to distinguish the Stemilt brand at retail and other worldwide markets.

The journey to the golden anniversary year started back in 1964 when third-generation apple, pear and cherry grower Tom Mathison began a tree fruit packing and shipping operation on Stemilt Hill in Wenatchee, Wash. The Mathison family has been farming on Stemilt Hill since homesteading 160 acres there in 1893.

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