The change of the culinary season

Despite today’s cold, overcast weather, I’m quite certain that spring has finally arrived in Manhattan. Seasonal allergies tend to keep me indoors until late-May, but every once in a while I’ll venture out in search of some great food. Yesterday’s sunny afternoon beckoned me down to Madison Square Park, one of my favorite nearby spots.

Not only is it home to the infamous Shake Shack and Eataly, Madison Square Park plays host to dozens off food stands boasting the city’s diverse culinary offerings. Mad Square Eats always returns with the warm weather, and even though it’s not fully open, I look forward to its return and the promise of warm days spent in the sun filling my belly with the very best!

I find it easy to forget just how often this city changes itself, but I urge you to always acknowledge the unique changes it undergoes with the changing of the seasons. There’s always something new to discover. As I sit here daydreaming of summer, I think it’s best I take this time to share some of my favorite indulgences for a hot, sticky NYC day.

  • Kelvin Natural Slush Co. – Also available at various Whole Foods throughout the city.
  • Sweetgreen‘s Mint Lemonade – One taste and you’ll be completely hooked. And, they have froyo!
  • Shake Shack concretes and custards – Mad Sq. Park’s Concrete Jungle is my favorite
  • Eataly‘s gelato bar – The seasonal flavors are not to be missed.
  • The ol’ classic – Mister Softee ice cream
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