A slice of Dairy-Deli-Bake

18-triple_0000The IDDBA’s annual Dairy-Deli-Bake Conference rises to the top in the Mile-High City.

Historically, Denver has more of an association with cattle trade and the beef industry than it does cheese and cupcakes, but for three days this spring it will serve as home for all that the bakery, dairy case and deli counter have to offer. That is because the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) will be hosting its annual seminar and expo, 2014 Dairy-Deli-Bake, in the Mile-High City from June 1-3.

The growth in consumer desire for fresh foods—flavors and concepts—is not letting up. More retailers are investing in redesigning and expanding their fresh departments and in-store foodservice to meet the demand, sharing all that manufacturers have to offer. The show will be overflowing with industry-changing innovations and products. Manufacturers and bakers, dairy farmers and cheesemongers, marketers and distributors—everyone will be putting their best foot forward. Here is a sampling of what will be featured at the show.

Bemis Curwood Booth #1215
Bemis Curwood offers refrigerated meal systems to meet the rising demand for healthier, high-quality meals with extended shelf life. Micvac Refrigerated Ready Meals utilize a safe, efficient, single, in-package pasteurization cooking process. Meals processed using this method retain their natural vitamins and nutrition and stay fresh for weeks in the display case or refrigerator, say company officials; and each meal features a patented valve that whistles when done. Officials add that the refrigerated ready meal market has forecasted growth of 10% by 2016.

CSM Bakery Products Booth #1227
CSM Bakery Products has created the latest rage in cakes by combining its cake and icing to craft cake truffles by Brill. New to the category, Brill’s Cake Truffles are described by company officials as “decadent spheres of deliciously moist cake bits and indulgent frosting, covered with a ganache-style coating.” The latest varieties are filled with its Henry & Henry fillings. Now, both cake truffle varieties are offered in a convenient retail four-pack that comes labeled with eye-catching graphics that convey the flavor.

Traditional Baking Booth #1415
Traditional Baking produces high-quality cookies under its Traditional Baking and Bakers Batch brands and under store brands, as well as providing contract baking. The product line includes up to 50 varieties of cookies that can be packaged to fit the needs of retailers, wholesalers, institutional customers and in-store bakeries. This versatility also enables the company to create tailored programs to fit the unique needs of individual retailers and distributors.

Robbie Flexibles Booth #1422
The packaging company Robbie Flexibles will be showcasing new packaging designs for in-store bakeries. The designs were developed with specific color imagery and keywords to help create an emotional connection with consumers. The eye-pleasing pouches hold a wide variety of items like cookies, scones, breads and more, say company officials.

Dutch Farms Booth #1443
Dutch Farms is a Midwest-based dairy brand and distribution company. Family-owned and operated for 27 years, Dutch Farms delivers quality dairy items nationwide that can be found in nearly every category of the dairy department at a value price, say company officials. Cheese, eggs and dairy products will be featured at IDDBA.

Hidden Villa Ranch Booth #1461
Hidden Villa Ranch’s full line of specialty eggs can help create variety in the egg case and meet consumer demand. The line includes cage-free, organic, non-GMO, pasture-raised and nutrient-fortified eggs in a wide variety of retail packaging. They are available under the brands The Country Hen, NestFresh and Horizon Organic Eggs, as well as private label. In addition, the company offers a full line of liquid egg products and liquid egg whites in both retail and bulk packaging.

Old World Provisions Booth #1462
Old World Provisions of New York has been producing high-quality deli- and cooked-sausage products for more than 30 years and throughout four generations. The company offers private label and custom products for retailers across North America and the Caribbean. Old World prides itself on producing quality and safe foods that customers are proud to put their name on, say company officials.

gardnerpieGardner Pie Co. Booth #1512
Family-owned and operated since 1945, the Gardner Pie Co. is a manufacturer of chef-ready Cream Pies, Savory Garden Vegetable Pies and Natural Juice Fruit Pies, available in 6-, 8-, 9- and 10-inch sizes. The products are designed for use in in-store bakeries, farm stands and the foodservice channels.

Bongards’ Creameries Booth #1563
Bongards’ Creameries is a cooperative owned by Minnesota farmers who have been providing quality cheese products since 1908. The offerings include a wide variety of 1-pound natural prints, 3-pound processed, sliced American, 2-pound melting cheese and 8-ounce shreds. Along with fine quality products, the cooperative’s officials say they offer private label programs and competitive pricing.

Reser’s Fine Foods Booth #1627
Reser’s is known for its extensive line of American Classics deli salads, but attendees will be able to taste some of the company’s newest flavors, including BBQ Smokehouse Beans and Loaded Potato Salad. Retailers looking to increase sales behind the deli case glass will want to check out Reser’s Stonemill Kitchens artisan salads, including Low Fat Greek Yogurt Potato Salad and Curry Ginger Couscous. Also featured will be two new side dish kits: Reser’s Special Request Sensational Sides Buttermilk & Chives Mashed Potatoes and Loaded Mashed Potato Kit. 

Bake’n Joy Booth #1659
Bake’n Joy has Super Muffins. The baked-goods company is featuring its 100% Whole Grain 4.25-ounce PanFree Superfruit & Nut Muffin and Hearty Oat Apple Raisin Nut Muffin. The muffins feature 100% whole grains (28-34 grams per muffin), antioxidants, omega-3s and are a good source of fiber, say company officials. The company will also be spotlighting its line-up of Boston Coffee Cakes packaged in eye-catching retail boxes.

Lindar Corp. Booth #1809
From bakery containers to produce clamshells to deli packaging, Lindar Corp.’s plastic containers are crystal clear and durable, providing both product protection and merchandising capabilities, say company officials. With a continuously expanding line of stock packaging available, the company also offers custom options, including a built-in freshness seal, unique product holding features, custom labeling and tamper-evident opportunities.

Asturi Fine Foods Booth #1817
Asturi Fine Foods’ Asturi FocacciBites Mediterranean Bread Snacks come in three flavors: Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Tomato & Oregano and Garlic & Parsley, all available in a 4.23-ounce package. The savory bread snacks are all natural and baked with unbleached wheat flour, say company officials.  

John Morrell Food Group Booth #1832
John Morrell Food Group offers a full line of deli meat solutions. The company’s brands include Kretschmar premium deli meats and cheeses, Eckrich, Healthy Ones, Margherita, CB Old Country Store and Nathan’s Famous.

Vintage Italia Pasta Chips Booth #1841
Vintage Italia Pasta Chips, by Keen Marketing & Manufacturing, are made from real semolina flour, oven baked and topped with authentic Italian herbs, spices and cheeses. They contain 60% less fat than pita chips and are perfect for dipping or snacking alone, say company officials. The five flavors available are Alfredo, Marinara, Spicy Tomato Herb, Sea Salt and Garlic Olive Oil, in 5-ounce peggable, resealable pouches as well as 1- and 2-ounce packages.

House Foods America Booth #1851
Specializing in tofu since 1983, House Foods America provides a range of high-quality fresh tofu products. The line of tofu is available in both conventional and organic varieties, and ranges from soft to super firm textures. Its Tofu Shirataki noodle substitute has been pegged as the perfect pasta alternative, say company officials. They add that House Foods uses only U.S.-grown soybeans and all its tofu products are Non-GMO Project Verified, certified gluten-free and Kosher.

TMI (Twin Marquis) Booth #1864
TMI is celebrating 25 years of manufacturing authentic Asian cuisine. The company sells three brands: Twin Marquis (noodles and wrappers), Chef One (appetizers and dim sum) and Tang’s Natural (all-natural appetizers). The products to be featured will include Chef One Potstickers and Twin Marquis Yakisoba Noodle. TMI values convenience by creating these pre-cooked items, which can be prepared various ways within minutes, say officials, adding that they prioritize food safety and quality assurance and the company is FSSC 22000 certified.

Medina Foods Booth #1865
Medina Foods, home of Goldrush brand beef smokies and jerky, offers an all-beef stick in bulk 2.5-pound packaging. Prospector’s Choice Smokie Beef Stick is a 10-inch stick that deli managers have the option to sell loose by the pound or repacked with the ends and pieces of their cheeses, right out of their deli case. The company also offers bulk 15-ounce packaging for its beef jerky to sell out of the deli case.

Polynova Nissen Booth # 1911
For almost 40 years Polynova Nissen has been supplying high-quality products and services in the plastic and polyethylene industry, say company officials. The company’s assortment of products in the bakery, supermarket and restaurant industry includes everything from pastry bags, bun rack covers, aprons, gloves and hairnets to specialty products and bags.

Stefano Foods Booth #1918
Stefano Foods, maker of ready-to-heat items, added a new product to its growing line of snacks and appetizers. Garlic Knots are made with Stefano’s Pizza Dough for a moist chewy texture and then coated with garlic spread, say company officials. Sold in a clear plastic bag closed with a tape tie, each ready-to-heat package contains eight fully baked knots in an 8-inch round foil pan. They can be merchandised refrigerated in the deli or pizza section for 14 days.

Lantmännen Unibake USA Booth #1921
Lantmännen Unibake USA has four new croissants available, each with a unique combination of fillings: Raspberry and White Chocolate; White and Dark Chocolate; Strawberry and Vanilla; Dark Chocolate and Cherry. Schulstad Croissants offer great quality with minimal labor requirements—just thaw for 30 minutes and bake, say company officials. They add that Schulstad’s pastries are recognized worldwide for their authentic, light and crispy texture.

Virginia Diner Booth #1950
Virginia Diner can help retailers complete their tailgating and back-to-school promotions with products from its line of collegiate licensed Salted and Butter Toffee Virginia Peanuts. The Game Day Snacks are available for many major universities. The shippers are easy to assemble and come ready to display, with 42 units per shipper, 35 shippers per pallet. The company can create a custom configuration for each region or store location.

MIWE Backcombi Booth #1966
The MIWE backcombi offers a complete baking station, combining convection baking and hearth baking, possibly with a proof box underneath. The backcombi includes the MIWE econo convection oven with the condo electric deck oven to create a full range of baking. The econo holds five full sheet pans, has four multiple fan speeds and built in steam system. The condo has separate top and bottom heat controls and an independent steam system for each deck. There are various configurations available.

Richardson Oilseed Limited Booth #2012
Richardson Oilseed’s Bread Pan Release is formulated with canola oil, a vegetable oil with high heat stability properties, and does not contain soy lecithin or mineral oil. The product washes off with just hot water and is easily pumped and sprayed.

Blossom Fine Foods Booth #2151
Blossom Fine Foods offers gluten-free artisan ready-to-serve desserts nationwide. Made with wholesome natural ingredients, including cage-free eggs, Blossom Fine Foods’ desserts deliver exceptional quality and value. Attendees can sample the company’s top-sellers: Vegan Chocolate Cake, Flourless Chocolate Torte, Triple Berry Streusel Cheesecake and Marble Cheesecake Brownies. All of the company’s desserts are certified gluten-free and made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

Weber Packaging Solutions Booth #2152
Weber’s QuadraColor label printer utilizes the latest inkjet technology to print 1600 by 1600-dpi, full-color labels at print speeds up to 12-inches per second. The tabletop unit employs an 8.75-inch-wide print head that disperses more than 700 million drops of ink per second from its 70,000 ink nozzles to produce color images. The printer supports both roll-to-roll label production and roll-to-cut by utilizing a built-in vertical knife cutter. The QuadraColor’s printing operations are controlled from a 15.6-inch touchscreen computer that utilizes pre-installed software to ease label formatting and printing.

DecoPac Booth #2227
DecoPac is an edible cake decoration supplier, offering a variety of edible products for any occasion. In 2014, the company extended its Fondant DecoShapes Dots and Gum Paste bow program to include trend-forward patterns. Using the pre-cut convenience, decorators of all skill levels can quickly transform simple cakes into ready-to-purchase upscale treats, say company officials, adding that these additions are helping bakeries create high-impact cakes in less time.

The Artisan Cheese Exchange Booth #2241
Created by further aging select vats of The Fawn, The Artisan Cheese Exchange has created a new variety—The Stag. Handcrafted for The Artisan Cheese Exchange by Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Kerry Henning, it is bandaged-wrapped and shelf-cured in wooden boxes, developing bits of crystalline crunch that add rich texture. The Stag took first place in the Aged Cheddar (12-24 months) category at the 2013 American Cheese Society Competition. It is available in 22-pound daisy wheels.

Wausome Foods Booth #2241
Wausome Wafers are crispy, savory crisps made solely from 100% Wisconsin Cheese. Brian Gunning, founder of Wausome Foods, started baking cheese crisps as a bachelor pad snack and later as an alternative to conventional cheese crackers for his kids’ lunchboxes. He has since found a way to package the treats in a triangular box that protects the fragile wafers and also tells the story of the Wisconsin dairies from which the cheese is sourced. Wausome Wafers make great snacks, but they can also be served as a cheesy, crunchy garnish for salads and soups, say company officials.

Miller Baking Co. Booth #2256
Since 1923, Miller Baking Co. has been handcrafting old world recipes. Most recently the company took a 12th-century invention—the pretzel—and reinvented it into a bun called Pretzilla. By crafting the soft pretzel buns to be light and airy while retaining its pretzel taste, Pretzilla is a fresh take on traditional heavy pretzel buns, say company officials. It is available in burger buns, sausage buns, mini buns and bites.

Lauterbach Group Booth #2263
Lauterbach Group is a labeling, marking and packaging manufacturer that functions as a food producer. Silver LEED Certified and aligned with good manufacturing practices, the company’s food-safe materials, inks and adhesives ensure that labels or inserts can be directly applied to any food product. Lauterbach’s capabilities allow for innovative label solutions that will help increase productivity and efficiency within its customer’s own processes, say company officials.

USA Foodspray Booth #2317
USA Foodspray will be unveiling its line of aerosol products. For bakeries, the products include standard items, such as pan release and cake pan release, and more unique lines like pastry glaze and egg wash substitute. For deli and foodservice use, the range includes olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salad dressings, pizza enhancers and more. The company is well-established throughout the European bakery and foodservice industries as a supplier of high-quality aerosols and paper products, say company officials.

Placon Booth #2349
Placon will be presenting its new thermoformed PET packaging with up to 100% post-consumer content—more than 14 products in all. The ultra-clear product lines are made from curbside-collected, post-consumer PET bottles and thermoforms diverted from landfills. Developed for deli and bakery application, the packaging has maximum versatility and even higher product visibility than competitive products on the market, say company officials. Also on display will be the company’s newest models and sizes of its eco-friendly Fresh ‘n Clear Catering Bowl and Tray Collection.

Crystal Farms Booth #2352
Crystal Farms is announcing two new product lines: Cracker Cuts and Thins. Crystal Farms Cracker Cuts come with a ready-to-serve tray and are available in Mild Cheddar, Marble Jack and Pepper Jack. Thins is a line of thinly sliced natural cheeses that bring the same flavor, but with fewer calories. Thins are available in Swiss, Provolone, Sharp Cheddar, Marble Jack and Pepper Jack.

Alpha Foods Co. Booth #2356
Alpha Foods’ Villageo’s Take and Bake Pizzas are made with pre-proofed raised edge dough, 100% real Wisconsin cheeses, Italian seasoned pizza sauce and a variety of pizza toppings. They come packaged in aluminum baking trays within colorful pizza boxes. The bake-and-serve pizzas are available with bake-to-rise raised edge dough, partially baked pizzeria-style crust and classic pizzeria-style thin crust.

Aladdin Label Booth #2361
Aladdin Label delivers a full spectrum of label products, including more than 760 stock items, custom labels, digital label short runs, RFID-enabled, promotional and variable printing. The digital label short runs are laser cut, providing a tool-free method for cutting labels any shape imaginable without plates or tooling charges, say company officials. Three of Aladdin’s full-service manufacturing facilities are located in Ohio, Wisconsin and Arizona; the Wisconsin facility is inspected by AIB International according to the Consolidated Standards for Food Contact Packaging Manufacturing Facilities.

Best Maid Cookie Co. Booth #2365
Best Maid Cookie Co. has been making cookies for more than 70 years using wholesome ingredients and fine chocolate, without additives or preservatives. Retailers can choose from pre-portioned cookie dough or convenient pre-baked cookies, ready-to-serve or sell. Best Maid also offers a variety of pre-cut holiday themed cookies available in pre-baked and dough, as well as a line of gourmet brownies and bars.

Urban Bruce Booth #2415
Urban Bruce, a brand of BrucePac Meat Product Designers, will feature all natural, ethnic and organic meats, including inspiring great grab-and-go concepts, to meet the consumer demand for local, natural and clean foods. Officials say innovative flavors, singular focus and fresh concepts are changing portable options and they invite attendees to taste the company’s natural, savory cooked meats. The family-owned company has provided quality meats since 1949, relying on sustainable practices and thoughtful care to meet customer needs. 

polynovaJ. Skinner Baking Booth #2846
The J. Skinner brand is committed to the craft of baking and providing consumers with the ultimate eating experience, say company officials. They add that their commitment has made them a category leader and helped make the in-store bakery a go-to destination for shoppers. The company’s new Triple Flavor-fest Ring marries three proprietary fillings—heavenly cheese, remarkable raspberry and harvest apple. The combo is developed to boost impulse sales.

Grecian Delight Foods Booth #2865
Grecian Delight Foods is showcasing its Opaa! brand Greek yogurt dips. These all-natural, Greek yogurt-based dips do not contain mayo, cream cheese or sour cream. Available in a variety of flavor choices, they are versatile enough to be used in numerous recipes, such as sandwiches, pizza and pasta, or they can be used as a dip with veggies and crackers. Attendees can sample all eight flavors at the company’s booth.

Toufayan Bakeries Booth #3160
With 85 years of experience making fresh pitas, Toufayan Bakeries has created a crunchy, all-natural line of pita chips. Available in five varieties, including Sea Salt, Za’atar, Feta and Olive, Sugar and Cinnamon and Multi Grain CHITA, the chips have a unique shape made specifically for dipping. The company will have the chips available to sample at the show.

Ilpra America Booth #3164
Ilpra America is a global food packaging equipment manufacturer that offers small-medium-high output Modified Atmosphere Packaging—tray sealing, thermoforming and filling—equipment for food manufacturers and co-packers throughout North America. The company will be showcasing the latest tabletop unit (FoodPack BASIC) tray sealer; attendees can check out all of its shelf-life extending package offerings.

Hain Pure Protein Corp. Booth #3262
Hain Pure Protein Corp. produces natural, antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed, humanely raised poultry under the FreeBird Chicken and Plainville Farms Turkey brands for major retailers, specialty and natural food stores, as well as foodservice operators nationwide. The company is a one-stop solution for ABF poultry in fresh meat deli, prepared foods and frozen categories, say company officials.  

Uncle Wally’s Booth #3463
Under license with General Mills, Uncle Wally’s has introduced Fiber One wraps in three varieties: Traditional White, Garden Vegetable and Honey Wheat. Each serving contains seven grams of dietary fiber, 80-calories and provides 28% of the daily value of fiber; the product’s shelf life is 35 days fresh or from thaw. After its success in the Northeast, Uncle Wally’s will be expanding distribution through Frozen Direct or Commercial Bakery DSD programs, say company officials.

Colorado Ranchers Dairy Products Booth #3553
Colorado Ranchers Dairy Products began in 1994 in Brush, Colo. The company now offers authentic Mexican cheeses, such as Fresco, Cotija, Asadero, Quesadilla, Oaxaca, Panela and Cremas, all of which are high-quality and made from 100% whole milk, say company officials. They add that Queso Campesino does well in both the Mexican carnicerias, as well as large retailers and can help retailers grow their Hispanic offerings.

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps Booth #3558
Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps has added two flavors—Honey Mustard and Onion; and Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper, to its Deli Style line of Pretzel Crisps. Company officials describe the options as versatile and perfect for dipping, topping and pairing. The second introduction is a bite-size version of two flavors, Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps Original and Cheddar Minis. Made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients, Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps are 110 calories per serving and contain no saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, say officials.

Embassy Flavours Booth #3560
Embassy Flavours specializes in baking ingredients and flavor design, taking an approach that combines the expertise of certified flavorists and bakery specialists under one roof. Among the company’s services are a full range of flavors and bakery ingredients; bakery mix and concentrate formats; functional bakery ingredients; flavor formulation capabilities; baking product design and development; and bakery industry specialization. One of the company’s signature products is Gluten Free Focaccia Mix, part of its gluten-free product line that can be baked or frozen and has a seven-day shelf life.  

Bear Pond Farm Booth #3565
Bear Pond Farm’s refrigerated pesto sauces are made with organic herbs and non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients. The line contains six varieties and a Tuscan Bruschetta. The sauces can be sold in the deli or fresh pasta case from frozen with a 45-day chilled shelf life. According to company officials, they are proven performers at top specialty and mainstream chains nationwide and the company offers marketing support programs.

Norseland Booth #3642
Norseland’s Jarlsberg cheese introduces a growth opportunity for the Specialty Deli Cheese Department: Jarlsberg Minis is a 100% all-natural cheese snack individually dipped in wax and wrapped in cellophane. It was crafted to replicate the famous Jarlsberg wheel—America’s number one specialty cheese brand, say company officials—and meet consumers’ needs for gourmet snacking on the go. They are packaged for retail with five cheese minis per bag.

Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A. Booth #3652
Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A. introduces four Nature Made salad bowls designed for consumers’ busy lifestyles. The salad bowls are fresh, hearty and made with premium quality, delicious ingredients, say company officials. Each salad is an all-in-one meal that contains dressing, a fork and a mint; it is a great addition to any and every channel’s fresh on-the-go line, add officials. Also new is Del Monte Fresh Produce’s Nature Made Snack Packs made for on-the-go customers who are looking for easy-to-eat, nutritious healthy bites; they come with several ingredient options.

Bakery Crafts Booth #3728
Bakery Crafts manufactures high-quality, unique cake and cupcake decorations, including cake-decorating kits, cupcake rings, edibles, candles, bench equipment and more. For more than 60 years, Bakery Crafts has been dedicated to providing quality, top-of-the-line products to its customers, say company officials.

The Blanc Industries Signage & Display Group Booth #3952 & #3953
The Blanc Industries Signage & Display Group designs and manufactures perishable and grocery retail point-of-sale signage and displays. Blanc Industries specializes in customized shelf-management systems, product inserts, case signage, case dividers, pricing systems, sign frames, sign holders, promotional boards, menu boards, wire racks and displays, shelf strips and danglers, as well as the latest in grocery technology: The Fresh Food 411 Interactive Kiosk. Blanc Industries has a merchandise solution for every budget and décor, say company officials.

Sonoco ThermoSafe Booth #4064
Sonoco ThermoSafe, a Sonoco Products company, is a global provider of temperature-controlled packaging for the safe and efficient transport of meats, confectionery products, baked goods, beverages, dairy products and other temperature-sensitive products. The company’s shipping solutions mitigate risk for customers and ensure products reach their destination with the quality intended, say company officials.

DNI Group Booth #4162
DNI Group provides Japanese-inspired frozen seafood and appetizers that are easy-to-implement in the supermarket deli, say company officials. The company’s brands include Tezukuri, Crane Bay, Maneki and Passport Cuisine, with offerings including value-added shrimp, Shrimp Tempura, Sashimi Grade Atlantic Salmon, Soft-Shell Crab, Grilled Eel and Yellowfin Tuna. The line of appetizers includes Gyoza (Potstickers), Shumai and Spring Rolls, and its newest addition, a Gluten Free Shrimp Tempura.

Summer Fresh Salads Booth #4415
Summer Fresh Salads is offering an extensive line of healthful ready-to-serve prepackaged salads. Available in 7-, 10.5- and 28-ounce sizes, the varieties include bean, grain, vegetable, pasta and potato flavors. The easy-to-stack, tamper- and leak-proof salad bowls are custom-made with eye-catching green lids to help maintain product appearance and fresh taste, say company officials. Consumers can serve directly from the microwave-safe bowls and recycle or reuse them.

Lawrence Foods Booth #4418
Family owned since 1890, Lawrence Foods provides customized ingredient solutions to its in-store and retail bakery customers. Retailers can experience a number of its products at the show: DecoCremes SureShade Icings for color that will not bleed or fade; DecoCremes Flavored Buttercrèmes that feature on-trend flavors and consistent performance; Ultra Dip-N-Dry Icings that deliver color, flavor and performance; and Orchard Fresh Fruit Fillings and Cobbler Kits. The company is commited to its customers’ success, say officials.

TH Foods/Crunchmaster Booth #4514
Crunchmaster Crackers and Popped Chips are gluten-free, made from 100% whole grain and a selection of the products are non-GMO. According to company officials, they are best with dips, such as hummus, or as a standalone snack.

Daffy Farms Booth #4515
Daffy Farms makes caramel products for bakery, grocery and foodservice businesses. Its Traditional Dipping Caramel is ideal for retailers creating caramel apples, say company officials; it is the same caramel recipe that has been used on Daffy Apples for more than 60 years. The easy-to-dip caramel never hardens and has a unique shine and flavor. New to the company’s offerings are its All Natural Caramel products, including a Dipping or Baker’s formula in a full range of sizes, made with non-GMO corn syrup, fresh cream and butter.

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) Booth #4648
Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is a national dairy marketing cooperative that serves and is owned by nearly 13,000 members on nearly 8,000 farms in 48 states. DFA is one of the country’s most diverse manufacturers of dairy products, food components and ingredients. The co-op has 33 plants throughout the country, including Turlock, Calif., where it produces its California Gold mozzarella and provolone cheese for domestic and export.

Carl Buddig & Co. Booth #4653
Carl Buddig & Co. and Old Wisconsin brands offer a variety of convenient products that have a proven track record to drive retail sales year-round, say company officials. The company will be showcasing new products, merchandising display vehicles, highlights of the Fall/Winter sales and marketing plans, plus the company’s private label and co-manufacturing capabilities. Attendees can experience the company’s Buddig Luncheon Meats and Old Wisconsin Snack Bites, Snack Sticks and Summer Sausages.

Kontos Foods Booth #4657
Kontos Foods offers 50 varieties of hand-stretched ethnic flatbreads. These include Pocket-Less Pita, Gyro, Grilled Panini, Chipotle Pan Plano, Tandoori Nan and Wraps, as well as its new Greek Lifestyle Flatbread. The offerings are certified kosher, 100% vegetarian and contain zero trans fats. Kontos Foods other product offerings include Fillo dough and Fillo products, such as Baklava, Mediterranean Nut Rolls, Spanakopita and Tyropita, for retail and foodservice. Additionally, the company distributes Mediterranean Specialty Food Products—Greek yogurt, Feta cheese, Tzatziki sauce, gyro meats, stuffed grape leaves, Kalamata olives, orzo and hummus, among others.

Mrs. Grissom’s Salads Booth #4716
Mrs. Grissom’s Salads has provided cheese and protein salads since 1955. Known for its Pimento cheese, this year the company is launching Mrs. Grissom’s Select. This new brand provides cheese and protein spreads that are gluten-free, contain real cheese and no high fructose corn syrup. The Select line includes Pimento cheese, Smoked Gouda, Jarlsburg, Cheddar and Bacon, Rotisserie Chicken Salad and other varieties aimed at bringing new users into the salad category. All products are sold in reusable containers, and microwavable cups for hot items like Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip.

Backerhaus Veit Booth #4962
At Backerhaus Veit, bread, rolls and soft pretzels are a passion. As a flexible small batch Craft Artisan manufacturer the company is able to support large private label runs, LTO’s and incremental seasonal opportunities. With a focus on quality, the company does not use artificial flavors or colors and banned ADA use more than 10 years ago. Backerhaus Veit’s product offerings include pre-sliced Gourmet Buns and Pretzel Sausage Buns, as well as authentic soft pretzels.

Rational USA Booth #5009
Rational combi-steamers have sold more than 600,000 units worldwide. The new SelfCookingCenter allows food preparers to fry, roast, grill, broil, steam, poach, bake and more, in a single self-cleaning piece of equipment. Whether retailers are serving 20 or 2,000 customers, the seven “touch of the button” cooking modes make it easy to prepare a variety of foods. Additionally, this year, Rational has earned the ENERGY STAR, which will help provide sustainability in commercial foodservice operations.

L&M Bakery Booth #5212
Since 1948 The Fruit Square People/L&M Bakery has baked thaw-and-sell pound cakes, nut breads and fruit squares for independent and chain markets throughout New England and the Mid Atlantic. Small enough to be responsive and large enough to fill retailers’ needs, L&M Bakery has a recipe and a pack size to grow any retail bakery business, say company officials.   

Sealed Air/Cryovac Booth #5217
Sealed Air’s Cryovac Grip & Tear bags simplify product handling while improving safety for deli operations, say company officials. The bags feature an easy-open tab that makes contents accessible through a quick pull, preventing deli staff from needing knives or tools that present injury or cross-contamination risks. The Grip & Tear packaging accommodates a range of product sizes and formats with enhanced visual appeal for merchandising. Recently, the company introduced the Grip & Tear Small Tab easy-open design, which maximizes material efficiency and is ideal for consumer portions, such as cheese, salami and sausage, add officials.

Daymon Worldwide Booth #5262
Founded in 1970, Daymon Worldwide handles more than 1,700 brands and approximately 165,000 individual SKUs globally. Through its industry expertise in private brand building, global sourcing, experiential consumer marketing and innovative retail-driven services, the company currently collaborates with more than 100 major retailers and nearly 6,000 manufacturers in 50 countries across six continents, say company officials. The company has more than 35,000 associates worldwide.

Tortuga Rum Cake Co. Booth #5363
Tortuga Rum Cake Co.’s Cake Shipper Displays are free-standing shipper displays that hold 60 4-ounce or 30 16-ounce Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cakes. Made from a generations old island family recipe, each cake is hand glazed with Tortuga Gold Rum and vacuum-sealed to lock in freshness. Baked in the Caribbean, these authentic rum cakes have a shelf life of 12 months.

The Run-A-Ton Group Booth #5366
The Run-A-Ton Group is a provider of natural and conventional baked goods for the supermarket and in-store bakery. Its brands include Wholly Wholesome, a natural baked goods company producing pies, cookies, cakes, pie shells, pie crusts and gluten-free options; Apple Valley Inn, traditional baked recipes, including sculpted cakes, pies, breads and pie shells; and the Buttery Baker, staple thaw-and-sell items, such as pound cakes; Unique Belgique, global products like Liege Waffles and Galettes. Additionally, product attributes include zero grams of trans fat, kosher, organic and gluten-free; the company offers custom formulations for private label and branded.

Chuckanut Bay Foods Booth #5418
Chuckanut Bay Foods manufactures all-natural and kosher frozen cheesecakes, tiramisu and fruitcakes; gluten-free and no sugar-added cheesecake options are also available. The cakes are made for retail grab-and-go, as well as foodservice and catering, available for distribution across the continental U.S., Canada, Mexico and overseas. Chuckanut Bay is an SQF-Level 2 Audited facility and an approved supplier of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Thermo Pac Booth #5419
Thermo Pac wants retailers who are looking for a shelf stable co-packer to consider the company’s convenient gusseted, corner-spouted pouch. They can be used for nut butters, guacamole, salsa con queso, spinach dip, nacho cheese and French onion and ranch dips. Thermo Pac processes thin to thick viscosity liquids. Cheese and tomato-based sauces are packed using hot fill; nut butters are packed in a separate, isolated processing area with dedicated equipment in spouted pouches sized four to 16 ounces.

Alvarado Street Bakery Booth #5452
Alvarado Street Bakery, a cooperatively owned solar-powered bakery in Northern California, has been baking certified organic sprouted whole grain breads for more than 30 years. All of the bakery’s breads are Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International, certified kosher Pareve and baked using all non-GMO ingredients, assuring customers of the highest possible standards, say company officials.

Original Bagel Co. Booth #5456
Original Bagel Co.’s bagels are available in bulk for the in-store bakery packaged in a “stay fresh” pillow pack, or for retail in six-packs under the Original Bagel brand or private label. There are 28 flavors and the packaging is made for the in-store bakery or the freezer case. Additions to the company’s offerings are all-natural bagels for consumers interested in a healthier lifestyle and flagels.

Partners, A Tasteful Choice Co. Booth #5519
Partners, A Tasteful Choice Co., has launched a gluten-free line of crackers, Free for All Kitchen. Made without rice, corn or soy, these gluten-free crackers are all natural, non-GMO and certified kosher. Made with cassava flour and five ancient grains, the crackers are available in Olive Oil and Sea Salt; Roasted Garlic and Rosemary; and Olive Oil and Herb. The packaging sizes include 5.5-ounce deli trays, 5-ounce snack cartons, 3/4-ounce snack bags and 3/4-ounce clear packs.

Nicholl Food Packaging Booth #5552
Nicholl Food Packaging’s new CS441980 Food Tray has built-in handles designed to provide added value and convenience for the consumer to transport meals from the retail shelf to the kitchen table. The tray can be film lid sealed for MAP applications and used in all types of consumer heating or freezer environments, such as conventional ovens, microwave, BBQs, broilers or toaster ovens. The rectangular configuration of the tray can improve retail shelf space utilization.

Applied Decisions USA Booth #5559
Applied Decisions USA’s (ADUSA) Omni-Channel Fresh-Foodssystems are designed to help increase sales and improve customer satisfaction, while also helping retailers work more efficiently, say company officials. The systems include self-ordering kiosks, web and mobile ordering, order-taking tablets, order/queue management and electronic ticket dispensing for all fresh foods departments.

Farm Ridge Foods Booth #5621
Farm Ridge Foods introduces its UnTyPickle Pickles. What the company calls a stroke of artisanal genius, UnTyPickle Pickles are made with a combination of specially selected herbs, spices and ingredients. The company caters to customers with a wide variety of unique pickles and pickle products; retailers will not find a fresher, finer-quality, crisper pickle, say company officials.

JTM Foods Booth #5753
JTM Foods’ Tid-Bits Mini Snack Pies are made with real fruit, and are the first product line from JJ’s Bakery to be made with a whole grain crust, say company officials. These better-for-you snack pies are available in apple and cherry, with more flavors to come. Each pie is 2-ounces and individually wrapped within a carton of six.

Sanders Candy Booth #5809
Sanders’ 100-year-old bakery division will be presenting its line of “Bumpy Cakes” (the original buttercream ridged cake) and its candy-infused Deep Dish Brownies to national retailers. The American-made gourmet cakes and brownies are an affordable everyday luxury, perfect for bakery freezers or stack and sell, say company officials.

Nextep Systems Booth #5851
Nextep Systems provides foodservice technology solutions for grocery deli operators who want to streamline the ordering process. The Deli 1-2-3 self order system is designed to increase check averages while giving shoppers more time to browse the aisles.  Company officials say the Deli 1-2-3 solutions increase deli sales by 10%-plus and optional integrated online and mobile ordering solutions give increased sales opportunities.

Fresca Mexican Foods Booth #5854
Fresca Mexican Foods offers fresh baked tortillas that do not contain preservatives or other artificial ingredients. The company uses a proprietary freezing process that captures and retains freshness, creating what Fresca officials describe as exceptionally pliable tortillas with a just baked aroma and taste.  

Twin Oaks Farms Booth #5916
Twin Oaks Farms goes out of its way to source the highest quality fish fillets, say company officials. Its U.S. Farm Raised Catfish, Pangasius and Tilapia are lightly breaded to give customers a restaurant-quality, hand-breaded flavor without the prep work. Officials add that the company eliminates out-of-stock conditions, cross-contamination and shrink.

Maple Leaf Farms Booth #5918
Maple Leaf Farms’ fully cooked duck products can bring something new and exciting to the deli or prepared foods section. Duck is a lean, red meat substitute for beef, pork or chicken in recipes, and the company’s duck confit, pulled duck meat or roast half duck products can put a creative twist on sandwiches, pasta or salads, say company officials. Maple Leaf Farms ducks are raised by local, independent family farmers.

Carlson AirFlo Booth #5951
For more than 25 years, Carlson AirFlo has created customized merchandising solutions designed to urge impulse buying. Benefits of the company’s product displays include increased sales, inventory management, cross merchandising, category management, high-impact presentations and highlighting specialty products, say company officials. The company’s newest products are: 2-Step and 3-Step Deli Wedges; Premier Pull-Out Bakery Bins; Cheese Wheels; POD Displays; AirBar Self Facing System; and Peg Hook Systems for Suspended Merchandising.

Van Holten’s Booth #5962
Known for developing the original Pickle-In-A-Pouch, Van Holten’s offers bold tasting, better-for-you, convenient snacks. Created for on-the-go snacking, the company’s pickles come packed in a stand-up pouch with a two-year shelf life. Van Holten’s offerings also include Big Papa Dill Pickle popcorn that combines the dill flavor of its pickles with popcorn. They come in a peggable package, packed in a 12-count case.

Dart Container Corp. Booth #5966
For more than 50 years, Dart Container Corp. has been providing the market with single-use packaging items. The company’s 4,000-plus product line-up includes cups, lids, dinnerware, hinged trays, portion containers, bowls, cutlery and straws from foam-, plastic-, paper- and sugar cane-based materials. One of Dart’s newest lines is ClearPac SafeSeal, tamper-resistant and -evident containers that are hinged, leak resistant and made of PET. Available in sizes ranging from 8- to 64-ounces, they come with flat and dome lid options.  

Ultra Green Packaging Booth #6014
Ultra Green Packaging is introducing a round pizza box that consumers can bake in. Usage possibilities for the TreeSaver Pizza Box/Pan include take-n-bake, delivery, deli takeout and for serving. The box is made from renewable natural resources, such as bamboo or wheat straw; has a patented Crispy Crust dimple designed to keep pizza fresher longer; a round shape; and is home oven-safe up to 375°F, commercial oven safe up to 425°F and microwave and freezer safe; and available with either fiber or clear recycled PET lids. 

The Roswell Food Group Booth # 6037
Officials for The Roswell Food Group have a mission to develop and bring to market the most exciting, freshest tasting snacks, sundries and food products. The Roswell Food Group’s flagship brand is Jeff Foxworthy’s Southern Creations, the makers of Jeff Foxworthy’s Grit Chips and Hummus & Dips. The Grit Chips come in four flavors—Original, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno Cheddar and Sweet Heat—and the Hummus & Dips are available in Black Eyed Pea Hummus, Hot Chili Pepper Hummus, BBQ Hummus and Smoky Greens ‘N Bacon Dip.

Finlandia Cheese Booth #6049
Finlandia Cheese offers a full line of deli-ready cheeses including 12 service deli varieties and 12 convenient pre-sliced self-service varieties. Each cheese has been made to the highest quality standards established by generations of Finlandia master cheese-makers over 100 years ago, say company officials; each variety is crafted with the passion, purity and premium full flavor. Finlandia’s Total Deli Cheese Solution is designed to be completely turnkey for retailers.   

Clear Lam Packaging Booth #6052
Clear Lam’s PrimaPak package is a flexible, stackable and reclosable “pop-up box.” It is produced from custom rollstock on vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machinery. Designed as a replacement for rigid cans, bottles, trays, jars and select flexible packaging, the PrimaPak package is lightweight, stackable and merchandises on six sides. As a result, the PrimaPak technology improves the package cube up to 30% or more, maximizes manufacturing efficiencies,and improves warehousing space and transportation demands, say company officials. Each benefit offers multiple opportunities to achieve measurable cost savings and sustainability improvements throughout the supply chain.

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