CAC Partners With Houweling’s Tomatoes

CAC 7 Layer SaladThis season the California Avocado Commission (CAC) has launched a variety of co-marketing promotional activities designed to encourage demand of California avocados and partner products. One of this year’s highlights is a multi-level program with Houweling’s Tomatoes that includes retail, online and social media components. The promotion highlights the California origin of both products and builds on the natural tie between avocados and tomatoes.

“This is a win-win-win opportunity,” says Jan DeLyser, CAC vice president of marketing. “The synergy between California brands and especially complementary produce brands is a win for retailers by encouraging sales of multiple produce items, for the co-marketing partners by encouraging demand, and for consumers by providing them with delicious, produce-filled recipes.”

The program is an extension of CAC’s “California Fresh” theme and includes a recipe tear pad available for retailers. The “California Fresh Salads” tear pad features one recipe for Avocado Summer Salad and one for Seven Layer Salad in a Jar that includes nine fresh produce items. Retailers can order the tear pads online. California avocados, Houweling’s
Tomatoes and California Olive Ranch olive oil are key ingredients in both recipes.

CAC also makes the tear pads available to supermarket registered dietitians for their activities and events showcasing California avocados. David Bell, chief marketing officer for Houweling’s Tomatoes, says, “Houweling’s is incredibly excited to partner in this co-marketing program with the California Avocado Commission. Tomatoes and Avocados are a perfect pair on the plate and at retail. Layer on the added freshness and flavor of California Grown and the partnership is a natural fit.”

Bringing the promotion right to the point of purchase, Houweling’s is featuring another produce-rich recipe, Fresh California Avocado Pico de Gallo Salsa, on four million tomato truss tags. The CA GROWN license plate logo on the truss tags reinforces the California origin of both the tomatoes and the avocados.

Houweling’s also is offering fans a downloadable version of the recipe tear pads and California Olive Ranch is promoting the recipes via a social media salad recipe contest. The Commission will promote the featured recipes on its website,, along with social media support. Some of CAC’s co-marketing partners also will author guest blogs on the Commission’s The Scoop blog.

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