J.P. Dulcich & Sons Introduces Proprietary Green Seedless Grape

unnamedJ.P. Dulcich & Sons, a grower of California table grapes, has announced its newest variety. The Green Emerald is a proprietary green seedless grape available exclusively through Sunlight International Sales.

The Dulcich family developed the variety in response to consumers demand for green grapes that are larger and sweeter than average. The family describes the grape as seedless, extra large, super sweet with high brix, crunchy and flavorful. In the works since 2007, J.P. Dulcich & Sons received a plant patent to grow and ship the  Green Emerald variety in December 2013.

For the 2014 shipping season, Dulcich has increased the availabilty of the Green Emerald, expanding its growing area to their Arvin and Maricopa ranches to give longer market access. Expected availability will be mid-August through the end of November.

“We realized that customers were not getting the green grapes they wanted. So we decided to find the perfect grapes ourselves,” says Nick Dulcich, president of Sunlight International Sales, the marketing arm of J.P. Dulcich & Sons. “Fresh, big green grapes with sweet flavor and a healthy crunch. That’s what customers want, and that’s the Green Emerald. This is the best green grape I have ever seen! It has size and taste and has an incredible shelf life.”

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