Artisanal Online Grocery Service to Expand

Artizone, an online grocery shopping service offering a curated collection of artisanal foods from local artisans and purveyors, plans to expand into five new markets by the end of the year. Currently, artizone serves customers in Chicago and Dallas.  Austin, Texas, the first of the five new markets to launch is slated to begin deliveries in August 2014.  Subsequent cities will be announced in the coming months.

This expansion follows artizone’s vision.  “It was our strategy to expand into other markets, only when we were absolutely sure our models work,” says artizone’s President Alex Zeltcer.

“After three and a half years in Dallas and two and a half years in Chicago we see more and more artisans approach us to establish their online channel as part of the community we’ve built. Our logistics models have come together to support hundreds of deliveries from hundreds of artisans, every day,” added Zeltcer.

“We see the growth in overall demand and in our repeat customer base that proves that online grocery shopping from small, local businesses works. We believe now is the time to go after other great artisans out there, allowing more shoppers from more markets to enjoy this new lifestyle,” says COO Lior Lavy.


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