Duda Farm Fresh Foods Kicks Off Citrus Import Season

Chilean navel orangesDuda Farm Fresh Foods has a large variety of citrus items available now in promotable volumes for summer citrus categories nationwide.

From premium grapefruit varieties to an incredible selection of oranges and specialty fruits from Florida, California, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa and Uruguay, including Meyer lemons, Duda is working with retail partners on customized programs to fit specific chain needs.

“Seasonal weather has the potential to occasionally diminish growing conditions in the United States, which can affect a consumer’s ability to access fresh citrus fruit,” says Alberto Cuellar, director global business development for Duda. As a result, it’s temporarily necessary to import these fruits as a means of meeting the needs of American consumers.

“Consumer demand continues to grow for specialty items in citrus such as Meyer Lemons, Tangelos and Cara Cara oranges,” says Paul Huckabay, western citrus sales manager for Duda. “We have relationships with the best growers around the globe to provide the quality and taste experience that consumers want.”

This summer, availability and quality is good for Satsumas and Minneolas from Peru.  In addition, the Chilean citrus season started a week earlier than last year for the summer Clementine crop. The continued drought conditions in the northern growing region have helped with higher sugars in the early fruit.

Summer 2014 is the first commercial season that the U.S. gained approval for import of citrus from Uruguay.  With increased export volumes of Uruguayan citrus this country is now a reliable source for citrus products from March to October.

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