Kettle Brand Pack a Crunch with Real Sliced Potatoes

Kettle Brand Real Sliced Potatoes OO4ozBuilding on its three-decade commitment to using real ingredients, Kettle Brand is affirming its Natural Promise with the launch of Real Sliced Potatoes this summer, company officials announce. The five-flavor line is made by toasting thick slices of farm-fresh potatoes  to a hearty crunch, then seasoning with bold, natural ingredients such as rich olive oil, savory cheddar and roasted tomato.

“We continue to see growing number of consumers looking for clean snacks with real ingredients,” says Marc McCullagh, brand manager. “We’re answering that call by making our commitment to real ingredients really stand out, bringing the Real Sliced Potatoes name and gluten-free certification to the front of pack.”

Real Sliced Potatoes are available in five flavors designed to complement the crunch and natural potato flavor of the chips:

  • Olive Oil – The Non-GMO Project verified flavor combines subtle sea salt with the delicate flavor of olive oil.
  • Sea Salt – Thick slices of potato toasted and sprinkled with sea salt.
  • Sea Salt + Vinegar – Bright and tangy vinegar matched with sea salt on fresh spud slices.
  • Hickory Honey BBQ – A pinch of paprika, spicy chili peppers and a touch of natural honey deliver a balance of sweet, savory and smoke.
  • Cheddar + Roasted Tomato – Sharp cheddar and Romano cheese pair with roasted tomato flavors. The flavor dives even deeper with a mix of onion, bell pepper, parsley and paprika. 

Like all Kettle Brand Chips, Real Sliced Potatoes reflect the company’s Natural Promise, a commitment to making every product with natural, non-GMO ingredients without trans fats, MSG or preservatives, company officials say.

Beginning this Memorial Day, Real Sliced Potatoes are available in 4-ounce bags for a suggested retail prices of $3.29.

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