CVS/pharmacy Launches New Gold Emblem Abound Line of Snacks

CVS/pharmacy has launched Gold Emblem Abound. Rolling out immediately, CVS/pharmacy is introducing the new brand of snack products which includes more than 40 wholesome items that are free from artificial flavors and preservatives. Gold Emblem Abound was created to give CVS/pharmacy customers an abundance of affordable, convenient, healthier snack options to choose from at more than 7,600 CVS/pharmacy locations nationwide.

“We are excited and very proud to introduce the Gold Emblem Abound brand of healthier snacks and grocery items to our customers. We developed the line to taste great and help people on their path to better health,” said George Coleman, Vice President of Merchandising, Store Brands and Quality Assurance, CVS/pharmacy. “We are confident that our customers will love the products as much as we do.”

Gold Emblem Abound offers customers a range of snacks including, snack bars, trail mixes, dried fruit, popcorn and rice chips. Each product in the line is free of artificial flavors and preservatives and contains no trans fats. Additionally, Gold Emblem Abound includes products that are gluten free certified, sodium free, cholesterol free and contain sources of protein, fiber, omega-3s, probiotic cultures and potassium. The line also includes champion ingredients such as superfood chia and superfood baobab, enabling consumers to purchase snacks with additional health benefits at an affordable price.

Nutritional benefits are clearly identified on the instantly-recognizable bright green packaging. The line offers tasty, high-quality snack options at affordable prices ranging from $2.19 to $10.99 and reinforces the importance of taking small, everyday steps to meet individual health goals, says company officials.

According to the International Food Information Council Foundation, health was cited as a top consideration in making food choices by 71 percent of consumers in 2014, up from 61 percent of consumers in 2012.

In addition to the new product line, CVS/pharmacy is also kicking-off an in-store tagging program called Fit Choices, which takes the guesswork out of finding healthier options throughout the consumables department. The new Fit Choices tags guide shoppers in their selection of edible products and allow customers to find items that suit their individual dietary needs, focused around four categories: “Heart Healthy,” “Sugar Free,” “Gluten Free” and “Organic.”

Store items that meet strict nutritional guidelines will be marked on-shelf with one of the four Fit Choices tags. Products tagged as “Organic” will contain at least 95 percent organically-produced ingredients and carry the USDA Organic seal on packaging, while items low in saturated fat and cholesterol will be listed as “Heart Healthy,” as these items may reduce the risk of heart disease. Brightly colored signage highlights the ease of making healthier food choices at CVS/pharmacy drugstores nationwide, and allows shoppers to select the appropriate item without having to decipher complex labels.


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