PAC Launches Retail-Focused Radio Campaigns

pac-logo-verticalThis summer, the Peruvian Avocado Commission (PAC) launched its first multi-faceted marketing program and its unique radio strategy is proving itself on every level. The first of its kind national summer radio campaign, and more importantly, the value-added promotions, were strategically designed to fulfill retailers’ needs and drive consumer purchase.

The 10-week long radio campaign kicked off in late June and has been gaining momentum since the first round of spots aired in the northeast supporting top retailers across the country, say organization officials.

“The availability of high quality fruit and the uniqueness of the radio spots that incorporate retail partners’ brands coupled with tailor-made promotional opportunities is novel for the industry,” says Xavier Equihua, CEO of PAC. “Radio buys were initially scheduled in 17 markets, including the popular internet radio, Pandora. Within days of the launch, the campaign expanded to 25 markets across the country in great part because of the innovative radio spots that we are providing our retail partners.”

Unlike most radio scripts that offer a retailer tag at the end, the PAC commercials integrate the retailer into the script, strengthening the importance of the partnership and underscoring the availability of the fruit. Additionally, short, five-second spots call out retailer names whenever possible. This unusual but extremely valuable type of advertising is unique for the category.

More than 120 stations are airing over 25,000 Avocados from Peru spots. Each station recorded the script using a voiceover best suited for its audience, often from their well-recognized deejay. Additionally, upon request from the retailers, PAC has tailored scripts to support limited time, in-store promotions, such as “Five Avocados for Five Dollars.”

“PAC’s radio campaign has exceeded all expectations because it is extremely innovative for the avocado category,” says Equihua. “We promised retailers unprecedented marketing support and we delivered that promise. For the last two months we have worked side-by-side with our retail partners offering them the tools they need to assist them in selling the biggest crop of Avocados from Peru ever available in the United States.”

“Demand for fresh avocados in the United States is increasing approximately 10% every year and Peru is poised to meet this growing consumer demand, as we are demonstrating this summer,” says Enrique Camet, PAC Board Chairman. “Right now, PAC is the only group heavily promoting avocados at a national level during the summer months of June, July and August. Such months are the peak period for avocado consumption and not only are we providing large, quality fruit, we are providing many incentives for consumers to purchase the fruit and enjoy it in unique ways.”

PAC’s radio program goes well beyond traditional ad buys to deliver its message. On-air radio station promotions are creating consumer interaction in 17 key markets.

  • On-air Demos – Several radio stations, including two in San Diego and Chicago, have requested on-air demos where deejays sample dishes made with Avocados from Peru and share key messages provided by PAC while on the air. Listeners are directed to for the recipes.
  • Recipe Contests – To drive purchase and encourage consumption, several stations are asking their listeners to send in their favorite avocado recipes. With chances to win gift cards to local retailers, this tactic has proven to be a huge success in markets such as New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.
  • Prize Packages – For stations such as KRTH in Los Angeles that want to drive listeners to their websites, PAC created an Avocados from Peru Color Kitchen Makeover with a prize package consisting of an avocado green Kitchen Aid mixer, oven mitts, wall clock and two gallons of avocado green paint. Listeners can log on to the station’s website and enter for a chance to win.
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