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In this Issue

A Produce Drive By

Grocery Headquarters annual State of the Industry Almanac maneuvers through produce department sales.

Food Forum: Cooler Doors Prevail

Cutting energy costs through efficiency improvements could yield retailers tens of millions of dollars in additional profit.

From the Publisher: Not Online, In Line

Consumers still want to go to the supermarket instead of buying on the Web; retailers must give them a reason to do so.

In Good Health

Trends that made an impact in the health and wellness segment will continue to be strong in the coming year.

Light of Day

Retailers have developed a solid understanding that lighting can—and should—be used for more than just general-purpose task lighting.

Oil the Rage

Cooking and specialty oils are two of the most lucrative categories in grocery—so long as they are properly stocked and promoted.

Pharmacy Forum: Becoming A Health and Wellness Destination

Independent supermarkets can create programs that convert current consumers into in-store pharmacy patrons.

Prescription for Growth

By teaming with suppliers and utilizing the tools they have to offer, supermarkets can grow their pharmacy business.

Sales Review: Tomatoes

Snacking and hothouse on the vine make up more than 55 percent of the tomatoes category.

Sounding Board: The Lease of Your Worries

Leased departments may provide a boost to supermarkets, but there are things to be wary of.

Sowing Seeds of Success

Grocery Headquarters honors the produce companies cultivating the ground today, thus ensuring a bright future for tomorrow.

Talking Shop with... David Leonardo

David Leonardo, senior vice president of franchising at Pet Supplies Plus, says pet owners are looking for more convenient ways to purchase products.

Talking Shop with... Gary Sycz

Gary Sycz, director of business development for Arylessence, says fragrances and flavors make huge contributions to the success of a brand.

Talking Shop with... Jamie Bowen

Jamie Bowen, marketing manager for the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC), says keeping Idaho potatoes front-of-mind is a labor of love.

Talking Shop with... Rachel Cullen

Rachel Cullen, president and CEO of Ruiz Foods, says family ownership is what makes the company unique.

Tallying the Dollars

The Grocery Headquarters annual State of the Industry Almanac takes a comprehensive look at dozens of supermarket categories.

The HBC Top 50

Health and beauty care categories are some of the most important that consumer shop.

The Tide is High

It is clear “sale-ing” in the seafood department for the foreseeable future.

Up In Smoke… and Vapor

Tobacco and electronic cigarette manufacturers are innovating to meet consumer demands.

Vetting Vitamins

Providing the right mix and educational support can go a long way for grocers trying to boost sales in the vitamin and nutritional products segment.
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