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In this Issue

A Private Showing

Private label manufacturers continued to raise the bar with high-quality product introductions at the PLMA Show.

Cheesy Choices

An assortment of high-quality artisanal cheeses along with convenient snacking options can help draw shoppers to the cheese case.

From the Publisher: A Product of the Times

Kellogg’s Product 19 got lost between the sugary products and the health-conscious varieties that consumers seem to be looking for from their RTE cereal.

Master of Invention

Celebrating its 100th anniversary, the Piggly Wiggly franchise is still showing the industry how to go to market.

Nonfoods Talk: Pursuing Private Pet

Private label manufacturers are sensing newfound opportunity in the pet aisle.

Pasta La Vista, Baby

A new generation of products is blowing pasta’s starchy, old image right out of the water.

Sales Review: Lettuce

Sales in the lettuce category are driven by the Romaine and Iceberg varieties.

Sounding Board: Bucking History?

Amazon’s future success in selling groceries should not be a forgone conclusion.

Spotlight On Alto-Shaam

With a product pipeline full of innovation, Alto-Shaam is prepared to offer its customers exactly what they need.

Talking Shop with... Ben Eugrin

Ben Eugrin, director, supply chain solutions North America at CHEP, says CHEP helps improve supply chain efficiency.

Thawing Frozen Sales

Retailers can drive shoppers to the frozen aisle by stocking and highlighting better-for-you frozen products.

The Power of Protection

Personalization and performance of sexual wellness products can spur sales in the often-overlooked category.

Touch Down on Tailgating

Creatively marketing and merchandising fresh produce items during tailgate season can result in a victory for supermarkets.
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