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November 2015

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In this Issue

A Little Nip and Tuck

Increasingly, retailers are looking no further than the surrounds of their neighborhoods to create customer and community-centric stores that wow.

Food Forum: Gum Goes Big

Gum packaged in bulk makes it more likely consumers will have gum on hand when they crave it.

Food Forum: Weighing the Options

Customer displays on scales at the fresh counter can play a role in shopper marketing.

Food Safety Hits the Big Time

Retailers that are open and honest about their food safety practices can capture consumer trust.

Homing in on the Holidays

More and more, consumers are looking for ways to incorporate healthy eating habits into holiday meals.

Iced Coffee Innovation

I have proclaimed my undying love for iced coffee, rain or shine, sun or snow, before. So naturally, new products in the space (like Anchorhead’s Hopped Up Cold Brew or Krispy Kreme’s RTD option) grab my attention.

In Store Brands We Trust

The perception of nonfoods private label products continues to gain favor with consumers.

Let ‘Free From’ Reign

Gluten-free and free from groceries are striking a chord with consumers—with or without medical needs—causing explosive growth and new trends in the categories.

Nonfoods Talk: Making a Play, Boy

Can Playboy magazine’s new PG-rated photo policy boost its single-copy sales?

Publisher Column: On the Ropes

It may be time for Whole Foods’ officials to revamp the chains image.

Sales Review: Deli Entrées

Time starved consumers continue to frequent grocers’ prepared food sections in search of quick, easy meals.

Squashing Seasonality

To satisfy consumer demand for fresh produce year-round, many growers import products in the off-season.

Strong and Durable

Innovation, promotions and multiple pack sizes ensure consumer paper products remain a mainstay of the supermarket shopping experience.

The Magic of Macey’s

A makeover of Maceys’ warehouse concept is wowing shoppers with a “Happy Shopping” experience.

The Push and Pull of Private Label

By pulling consumers into stores and pushing them away from national brands, private label programs have become an integral part of any successful grocer’s operation.
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