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Eliz­a­beth joined the GHQ team in Octo­ber 2010 to indulge her pas­sion for writ­ing, ask­ing ques­tions, eat­ing exor­bi­tant amounts of food and meet­ing indus­try celebri­ties, such as the Dough­boy. When ELH isn’t bring­ing you the lat­est news from the fresh cat­e­gories, she likes to bake cup­cakes, ram­ble on her blog, smother her cat with affec­tion, snow­board trails too advanced for her skills and run long dis­tances. Oh, and eat! She eats a lot, mostly cheese!

A produce resolution

Sharing nutritional information and reminding consumers of good eating habits can help shoppers stick to their New Year’s resolutions—and keep sales up. Continue reading

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Selling a Christmas Breakfast Tradition

I received a phone call from my mother yesterday to review our Christmas day menu. She had just returned from our local Stop & … Continue reading

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What about the boys?

Do we not give men enough credit for cooking? Maybe it’s just the type of guy I befriend, but most of my male friends … Continue reading

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Isabella’s Cookie Company

Isabella’s Cookie Company launched four new cookie flavors in honor of National Cookie Month (October). The gourmet cookie company introduced two Orange Cream Dream … Continue reading

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Hey Carrots, Say Cheese!

Two weeks ago I gave you a taste of my trip to Wisconsin to tour America’s Dairyland and its famous creameries with the Wisconsin … Continue reading

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A taste of Wisconsin’s pride

One of my favorite pastimes is eating. To be more specific, one of my favorite pastimes is eating cheese. Sharp cheddars, creamy French-styles, hard and soft Italians. Sliced on top of crackers, melted into omelets, baked with veggies. I’ll eat it anyway, anytime of day. Continue reading

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From far, far away

Produce imports continue to grow, providing retailers with colorful, fresh product to expand their departments. There was a time, long ago, when the fruits … Continue reading

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Running up sales

Last weekend I flew out to San Francisco to run my first half marathon. Having no idea what to expect, I followed my running … Continue reading

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A time for meat

Promotions and pricing, especially in the fresh meat department are akin to a good joke—timing is everything. As consumers continue to look for ways … Continue reading

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A show of fresh ideas

For retailers who attended the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association’s (IDDBA) 2011 Seminar & Expo there were a few lessons to be learned from … Continue reading

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Sample Sales

Often when I am interviewing manufacturers and marketers about the most successful way to get new products noticed sampling comes up. Offering consumers a … Continue reading

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Going mobile

I am always on the go. As a result, the majority of my food shopping is done “on the way home” from work, errands, … Continue reading

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Light of the Irish

  Ireland: a country known for its beer, whiskey, potatoes and… retail display accent LED lighting??   It is so.   Two weeks ago … Continue reading

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A helping hand

This past weekend I baked brownies for my cousin’s birthday party – raspberry, cream cheese brownies made with Framboise to be specific. The most … Continue reading

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Scan It! Savings?

For the past year I have been a loyal Trader Joe’s customer. Although much smaller than its competitors, I am attracted to the store’s … Continue reading

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