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Len Lewis a regular contributor to Grocery Headquarters and editorial director of Lewis Communications, Inc.

Sounding Board: Using technology to ring the till

Innovative applications can engage consumers, but will they buy? Are you as bored as I am with all the chatter about the technological revolution … Continue reading

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Relying on Reliable

You know, you just can’t please some people! The term “retail experience” often tops the list of industry issues and those in the know … Continue reading

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Not to be repeated

Supermarkets have avoided most of the major blunders that other companies keep making over and over. Can their winning streak continue? Some say the … Continue reading

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Sounding Board: Think small

Declining home ownership has more people living in tighter quarters. Retailers and manufacturers need to adjust. If there is one thing synonymous with the … Continue reading

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Social Value

Did you ever wish you could sit at the cool kids’ table when you were in high school? Well, now you can thanks to … Continue reading

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Sounding Board: Boom towns

Retailers weight their next moves as the real estate markets begin to heat up. Where is the next best place to operate? Now that … Continue reading

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Top dollar?

There’s a new phrase entering the consumer lexicon—”A dollar for your thoughts”—and further proof that the once-lowly dollar store has become the latest American … Continue reading

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Sounding Board: The dark side of social networking

The next round of labor negotiations may involve stipulations surrounding social media use. The next time union contracts come up for renewal retailers may … Continue reading

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Hiring tips for the holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, every retailer knows what time it is-time to start seasonal hiring. But be careful what you get. With … Continue reading

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Victimless crime?

Everybody likes crime stories. It seems to be one of our obsessions or perhaps one of our guilty pleasures-whether it’s about the Irish mobs … Continue reading

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Tough times for Tesco

Seems like it’s time once again to play one of the industry’s favorite game shows-“When Will Tesco Leave?” To some, the final nail in … Continue reading

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Flirting with disaster

  If you’re like me and millions of others, you’ve been watching with awe, shock and profound sadness the events unfolding in Japan in … Continue reading

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Label Wars

The revised food label introduced yesterday by retailers and manufacturers is a major step in providing consumers with simple, readable, yet pertinent nutritional information … Continue reading

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Keep on Trucking

America’s going mobile, and it’s not just with smartphones, laptops and iPads, but for food—specifically food trucks offering everything from hot dogs and fancy … Continue reading

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Logical logistics

It seems everyone’s got their urban strategy these days. Or, as I like to call it, “the “mini-me” approach.   Target’s entry is a … Continue reading

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Figuring out generation Y

Did you ever hear something and can’t decide whether it’s good or bad?   That’s how I felt when I saw the results of … Continue reading

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New kid on the block

Tuck this away in your “Autumn in New York” file.   Star chef Mario Batali is opening a 50,000 square foot gourmet Italian food … Continue reading

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Supply chain screening

  Good News! The Dallas Museum of Art has qualified as a certified cargo screening facility under new regulations from the Transportation Security Administration. … Continue reading

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Eating healthy… for a price

There’s no greater crisis than childhood obesity and the tsunami-like tide of junk food that floods their lives. But is it going to be … Continue reading

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Prepping for the “Big One”

As the quake toll rises in Chile and Haiti suffers through the aftereffects of its own devastation, people are wondering where the next “big … Continue reading

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The other W

Ice melts at the edges first, so if you’re not looking at the periphery of the competitive landscape, you may quickly find your self … Continue reading

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Fresh & Easy

Back in 2007 when the economy still shined like a newly minted coin and all was right with the world-or so we thought-Tesco chief … Continue reading

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A&P’s next leader

HELP WANTEDExperienced, hands-on executive to take the reins of a 150-year-old regional chain. The ideal candidate must be able to hit the ground running … Continue reading

Fighting the flu

This little piggy went to market and this little piggy stayed home….” And therein lies the problem. While the nation’s lawmakers debate such weighty … Continue reading

Thinking Inside the Redbox

So, I’m doing a fill-in trip at Wal-Mart over the weekend and inside the store it’s the usual madness with carts banging into each … Continue reading

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