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Who is the Organic Consumer?

“Organics are here to stay.” That’s what Bob Borda, vice president of organic sales for Cal-Organic Farms, a division of Grimmway Farms, based in … Continue reading

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Single-Person Households Influence Snacking Behavior

There are 38 million—and growing—single-person households in the U.S., which stands to reason why this group has an impact on snacking in terms of … Continue reading

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derma e Releases Consumer Trial Results

derma e has announced the results of a consumer study on its new and improved natural Soothing Cleanser formula. Created with anti-aging Pycnogenol, the … Continue reading

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Lab42 Study Takes a Bite Out of Consumer Snacking Habits

According to a study released about snacking habits by market research company Lab42, 86% of people who self-identify as “healthy snackers” said they snack … Continue reading

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Annual Food News Study Reveals Midwest Drought and “Pink Slime” Made Consumers Think Twice

In a year dominated by news of political elections, the economy and the Olympic Games, food-related stories still rank among the most significant of … Continue reading

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