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One-on-one with PMA’s Cathy Burns

With another PMA Fresh Summit behind the industry, PMA President Cathy Burns reflects on the Anaheim, Calif. event, and discusses some of the key innovations … Continue reading

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Duda Farm Fresh Foods Ups Convenience in the Celery Category

Duda Farm Fresh Foods is reinventing celery.  At the PMA Foodservice Expo this year, the company will share how it is recreating this kitchen … Continue reading

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Snacktime’s sweetheart

Cherries fill a void as consumers look for fresh healthy snack options during the hot days of summer. Cherries have always had a place … Continue reading

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Nature Valley Launches Three New Products

Nature Valley has introduced three products aimed at consumers seeking an active lifestyle: Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits, Nature Valley Greek Yogurt Protein bars, and a new … Continue reading

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ADC Announces 13th Annual ReFresh Conference

Applied Data Corporation (ADC), a provider of fresh item, recipe management and scales management software to the grocery retail and food service industries, announces … Continue reading

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Welcome to Walmart, Stay in the Car

Outback Steakhouse was the first chain to win my heart with curbside takeaway. When I realized that I could enjoy my favorite Outback menu … Continue reading

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Eating More Fruit? Survey says, you are not alone!

BLOG: Nothing beats a piece of fruit – other than a sandwich, of course. The number two food is gaining popularity for its convenience. Continue reading

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Lifestyle Foods Launches Line of Healthy Sandwiches

LIFESTYLE FOODS is introducing a line of healthy, high-end sandwiches to its range of healthy grab-and-go food items. Available beginning in January, the sandwich … Continue reading

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Walkers Shortbread Exhibits New Treats at 2013 Expo East

Walkers Shortbread, the 115-year-old, family-owned shortbread bakery, will showcase their new Mini Crunchy Oatmeal Cookies and Chocolate Scottie Dog Shortbread at the 2013 Natural … Continue reading

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GoGo squeeZ Launches ApplePear Flavor

GoGo squeeZ, a leader in squeezable applesauce on-the-go, introduced a new flavor: ApplePear. This announcement comes on the heels of the successful launch of … Continue reading

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Justin’s Introduces Portion-Controlled Nut Butter Line with 80 Calorie Squeeze Packs

In response to increasing consumer demand for portion controlled nut butters, Justin’s has announced the launch of a new line of all-natural 80 Calorie … Continue reading

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Snack Lovers Rejoice: Glutino Introduces Gluten-Free Pretzel Chips

Snacking is a top food trend for 2013 with more than half of Americans reporting that they snack two to three times per day. … Continue reading

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New On-The-Go Items from Stefano Foods

Stefano Foods, makers of quality ready-to-heat items, released two new items to add to their growing line of snacks and appetizers. The BIGDOG is … Continue reading

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Food Forum: Time to rethink center store

Grocers have done a great job attracting shoppers to the perimeter departments. Now they need to apply that expertise to the center store. By … Continue reading

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