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How CVS Won My Loyalty

On any given day my kitchen table is guaranteed to be cluttered with coupons. Store coupons to no less than three different stores, manufacturer … Continue reading

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Shifting Shopper Behavior

Rising from the ashes of the recession, shoppers are hitting the stores with their smartphones and a new attitude. Continue reading

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Millennial Tendencies

I’m excited that Stop & Shop’s Scan It! program has taken off at my local store. But I get pretty frustrated when I walk … Continue reading

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New media opportunities

Retailers are taking their marketing messages to a host of advertising vehicles beyond print, including social media and digital signage. Continue reading

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Savvy Penny Launches A New Mobile and Digital Technology for Supermarket Coupon Savings

Savvy Penny is an in-store digital coupon system, designed for supermarkets that use Bluetooth technology to offer value and savings to consumers. At the … Continue reading

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Four technologies to watch in 2012

Rising commodity costs, fierce competition and other factors are driving grocers to seek an edge in 2012 and many are turning to technology for a competitive advantage. Continue reading

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