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Millennials Most Open to Joining Fee-Based Loyalty Programs

A LoyaltyOne nationwide survey of 1,005 consumers in May 2015 reveals that millennials ages 18-35 scored significantly higher than any other population segment for … Continue reading

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Consumers Call for Personalized Experiences—PwC

As consumers continue to demand more from retailers, the grocery industry should adapt and provide targeted shopping experiences tailored to specific consumer needs and … Continue reading

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Catching those elusive Millennials

Millennials are tough to pin down, but worth the effort, according to a PLMA survey. Forget about the Baby Boomers. Now, the Millennials are moving front-and-center … Continue reading

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Value tops list of Millennials’ shopping priorities, says new PLMA study

A new nationwide study from PLMA for the first time casts significant light on the grocery shopping patterns of the Millennials, the 100 million … Continue reading

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Consumers Worried About the Safety of Personal Information in Loyalty Programs

Enrollment in loyalty programs is on the rise across all retail categories, but soaring participation in retailer loyalty programs does not necessarily translate to … Continue reading

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A Shout Out to Big Brother

Sometimes, you have to be grateful that Big Brother is watching! Yesterday, I get a call from the security and fraud department at Ticketmaster … Continue reading

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How CVS Won My Loyalty

On any given day my kitchen table is guaranteed to be cluttered with coupons. Store coupons to no less than three different stores, manufacturer … Continue reading

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Daymon Delivers an Alternative to Credit and Debit Processing Fees

Daymon Worldwide is announcing the launch of Be Heard, a loyalty and payments platform that offers retailer and supplier partners a competitive edge in … Continue reading

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