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Consumers Spending More on Specialty Food

Specialty food is drawing a new crowd this year. Men are stepping up purchases, less affluent shoppers are buying a wide variety of products … Continue reading

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Healthy Pet, Happy Pet

Pet owners want products for their pets that reflect a healthy lifestyle, and many are turning to more natural products that promote wellness. Man’s … Continue reading

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Specialty Food Sales Top $100 Billion

The specialty food industry is a bright spot in the U.S. economy. In 2014, sales of specialty food topped $100 billion for the first … Continue reading

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US Chocolate Market on Track to Hit $25 Billion in 2019

The US chocolate market is on track to hit $25 billion in 2019, however it lags behind Europe in product innovation. According to Mintel: US … Continue reading

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Food and Drink Trends for 2015

Mintel, a leading market research agency, released the five key trends set to impact the US food and drink market in 2015. Utilizing research, data … Continue reading

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Make way for the Millennial mom

Retailers that develop a strategy to make loyal consumers out of this group of buyers are taking the first baby steps toward growing category … Continue reading

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Gluten-free Foods Surge

It seems these days, grocery shelves are exploding with gluten-free choices, due in large part to greater awareness of a gluten-free diet as a … Continue reading

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Craft Beer Sales Surge

New research from Mintel suggests that while craft beer drinkers may indeed love the big, bold flavors of their favorite artisanal brew, they also … Continue reading

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In With the Old: Chia Seeds and Prickly Pears Find New Life as Ancient Superfoods

The rediscovery of ancient foods like quinoa has now opened the door for other forgotten plants to go global. The prickly pear cactus and … Continue reading

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E-cigarette Market Continues to Grow

With each passing day, the national pool of smokers seems to be going up in smoke, as Americans feel mounting pressure to quit for … Continue reading

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Spreading the Wealth: Mintel Analyzes the Growth of Nut-Based Spreads

With an influx of new products in recent years, including Nutella, the $3.9 billion nut-based and sweet spread category grew 34% from 2008-13, Mintel … Continue reading

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Shaping the Marketplace with Social Media, Mintel Names Top Trends

Mintel has offered up its latest social media trends update from social media analysts Gabi Lieberman and Lizz Martinez. They have singled out the top five trends in … Continue reading

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Consumers Drinking Less Domestic Beer—Mintel

As Americans stock their refrigerators in advance of the Super Bowl, it would appear that the contents in the cooler may not align with … Continue reading

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Majority of Consumers Still Eating Red Meat—Mintel

As January continues, many consumers continue to forge ahead with healthy eating habits as part of new year resolutions. Indeed, despite prevalent health trends … Continue reading

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Young Men Bring Strong Growth to the Skincare Category, Mintel Reports

Men might not like to admit that they have a skin care regime, but according to new research from Mintel, consumers can expect to see … Continue reading

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Consumers Worried About the Safety of Personal Information in Loyalty Programs

Enrollment in loyalty programs is on the rise across all retail categories, but soaring participation in retailer loyalty programs does not necessarily translate to … Continue reading

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More than a quarter of Americans eat gluten-free foods to help them lose weight, Mintel reports

With the recent FDA ruling on gluten-free labeling standards, the popularity of gluten-free foods shows no signs of slowing down, and according to recent research … Continue reading

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Whole Foods Launches Whole Paws Line of Pet Food

Whole Foods Marketis introducing Whole Paws, an exclusive line of premium value pet food, that features 24 products for dogs and cats. The line … Continue reading

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Nail Products Used by 92% of Teen and Tween girls—Mintel

Teen and tween girls are big business for beauty and personal care manufacturers, and according to recent Mintel research, nail products are a “must … Continue reading

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Food and Drink Launches Containing Vitamin K on the Rise

The global functional food market has been steadily increasing in recent years and manufacturers have become more and more innovative with the ingredients they … Continue reading

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Frozen in time

Consumers are improving their diets and frozen food manufacturers are taking notice.  Consumers’ desire to eat healthy has had a chilling effect on frozen … Continue reading

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Meat Alternative Sales are on the Rise, Mintel Reports

Only a few years ago, tofu, tempeh and seitan were barely known in the culinary world. Now, they are on grocery store shelves across … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Fourth of July with Some Sizzling Stats from Mintel

It’s safe to say that we are in the thick of barbecue season, and Americans love their grills. To commemorate the warm weather and … Continue reading

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23% of Americans Only Eat Hot Dogs in Grilling Season Reports Mintel

With the good weather and the first day of summer coming, it is safe to say that barbecue season is in full swing. And … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Coco: Launches of Coconut Water Quintuple Over the Past Five Years

While coconut water was once the preserve of exotic holidays, according to new research from Mintel, coconut water has been the surprise toast of the beverage … Continue reading

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