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What's New

Next Big Thing Growers’ Cooperative Releases 2016 SweeTango Apple Crop Forecast

The projected crop yield is 450,000 standard 40-pound boxes, which is an 18 percent increase over last year’s crop of 380,000, and 9 percent larger than the 2014 harvest of 413,000 boxes.

Limoneira Adds Varieties and Expands "One World Of Citrus" Model

In addition to Navel and Valencia oranges, Limoneira will provide Cara Cara Navels, Moro Blood oranges, Pummelos and Star Ruby Grapefruit from its groves.

Blue Harbor Fish Co. Offers Sustainably-Caught Albacore Tuna

Both the brand's pouches and cans feature the internationally recognized Marine Stewardship Council "MSC" blue label so shoppers have independent third party verification of Blue Harbor Fish Co.'s commitment to certified sustainable seafood.

Optimum Nutrition Introduces PLATINUM HYDROWHEY Red Velvet Flavor

The product offers ON's hydrolyzed whey protein formula in an on-trend flavor for athletes seeking whey protein for muscle building and recovery.
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Rosie Expands E-Commerce Partnership with Olean Wholesale Grocery Cooperative

For current and new locations, Rosie will now provide omni-channel marketing support for Olean Wholesale members to maximize their e-commerce programs.

Ranir Acquires REMBRANDT Teeth Whitening Brand

The deal includes all intellectual property and rights to the REMBRANDT brand.

Most Americans Support GMO Food Labels but are Uninformed About Safety

Fewer than 1 in 5 people were aware of a report on genetically engineered crops that found "no substantiated evidence of a difference in risks to human health between currently commercialized genetically engineered (GE) crops and conventionally bred crops..."

Southeastern Grocers Reveals New Harveys Store Concept in North Carolina

The store has been tailored to the Charlotte community and continues Southeastern Grocers' extensive store remodel program for 2016.
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In This Issue

Food Forum: Dissecting Digital Intermediaries

Supermarkets may want to consider developing partnerships with specific types of intermediaries.

Sounding Board: Sports Metaphors Strike Out

Sports clichés used in business are usually more empty words than a common language for success.

Food Forum: Reduce Abuse

What does the controlled substances epidemic mean for grocery store pharmacies?

The Picture of Health and Beauty

Grocery Headquarters 2016 Health and Beauty Care Trailblazer Award winners are making themselves known with new product development and creative merchandising.
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Preparing for Prepper Food

Freeze-dried "emergency food" may not be only for doomsday preppers.

Could Supermarket Polls Be More Accurate in Understanding Who Americans Want as the Next President?

During this election season, GHQ executive editor Richard Turcsik proposes supermarkets poll shoppers to see who Americans want as the next president.

Getting Back on Track

Sudden disruptions—especially last minute plan changes and work demands—regularly prevent adults in the United States from making “mindful choices.”

Imperfect Beauty

Whole Foods has begun a pilot program that will sell "ugly" produce in a handful of its Northern California stores.
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Supplier Perspectives

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