Marsh Partners with Spire

Indianapolis, Ind.—In an effort to become a consumer centric retailer in everything they do, Marsh Supermarkets has partnered with analytic services firm Spire to enhance their ability to leverage shopper card data and generate actionable insights across the organization.


Mark Heckman, VP of Marketing for Marsh, says  “We have partnered with Spire and created a Customer Engagement Segmentation that goes beyond the traditional RFS segments to incorporate not only the rich buying behavior from our loyalty card, but also attitudinal data that describes how our households engage with us.  This gives Marsh a complete picture of our consumers in a way we have never had before.”


“The end result is an actionable segmentation that we are using to make better decisions on how we market to our customers in a significantly more relevant way.    The next step in our use of the customer engagement segments is to begin leveraging them with our category managers and our vendor partners.”


Megan Margraff, Spire’s Chief Analytic Officer, says “Becoming consumer centric in everything you do doesn’t happen overnight.  It starts with the ability to segment your customers in a smart way that leads to action, measurability and continuous improvement.”


Spire is partnering with a network of regional retailers by providing them with analytic and technical resources that help them significantly improve the insights generated from shopper card data, both inside their organization as well as with their vendor partners.


Spire’s Loyalty Panel combines the shopper data from their retail partners to provide significant insights into consumer behavior.  Spire’s manufacturer partners have leveraged the Loyalty Panel to identify key consumer trends, evaluation of the consumer impact of various marketing levers (FSI’s, CRM programs, Digital Marketing, etc.) as well as collaboration with retail partners using their shopper data and customer segments.


About Marsh

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Marsh operates 99 Marsh Supermarkets and 5 O’Malia’s Food Markets in Indiana and Ohio.  The largest pharmacy chain based in the state of Indiana, Marsh has forty-one pharmacy locations.  Marsh has the distinction of being the first grocery store in the world to use electronic scanners to ring up purchases.  Nearly 9,000 employees serve two million customers weekly.


About Spire, LLC

Headquartered in Monroe, CT, Spire is a consumer centric analytic services company that specializes in helping retailers and manufacturers leverage shopper card data to make better business decisions.

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