Bi-Lo Celebrates Earth Day With Company-Wide Recycling Program

GREENVILLE, S.C. (April 21, 2011) – BI-LO always strives to act as a responsible business in the communities in which it operates by promoting and engaging in sustainability programs to benefit the environment.  Just in time for Earth Day, BI-LO is now offering its 207 stores and teammates the opportunity to take pride in bettering the environment by participating in the company’s extended recycling efforts.
Through in-store recycling programs, BI-LO always offers shoppers and teammates easy access to drop-off bins for plastic bags and bottles near the entrance of every store.  Customers are encouraged to shop with a BI-LO re-usable shopping bag – available for only $0.99 – to help further reduce the amount of plastic bags used.
Customers can earn a $0.05 credit back each day at BI-LO when they shop with their re-usable bag.  In addition, BI-LO will award an extra $0.05 in fuelperks!® Rewards on April 22 and 23 to shoppers that purchase five BI-LO re-usable bags.  Customers outside fuelperks! markets will receive a voucher for $1 off their next transaction when they purchase five re-usable shopping bags.
“BI-LO focuses on reducing the amount of its waste by procuring environmentally-preferred supplies and packaging in our products and stores whenever possible,” said Verle Bohrn, BI-LO’s director of sustainability.  “BI-LO is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint and protecting the environment in every way, and we ask our customers to help us continue to make a difference.”
Last year alone BI-LO recycled more than 24,000 tons of cardboard and 1,300,000 pounds of plastic.  To encourage even more participation in the company’s sustainability efforts, BI-LO now offers the convenience of paper recycling in each store.  For every ton of recycled paper, BI-LO helps save 119 trees, 380 gallons of oil and 7,000 gallons of waterG.

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