Food City Kicks Off School Bucks Program

As students across the tri-state area of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee head back to school, Food City is gearing up for the kick-off of their School Bucks Program.  

“We’re committed to giving back to the communities we operate in and we take the education of our youth very seriously,” said Steven C. Smith, Food City president and chief executive officer.  “Our Food City School Bucks Program is an easy, cost effective way for area schools to gain the dollars needed to purchase vital educational equipment and tools”.

The 2011-2012 Food City School Bucks program will begin September 11, 2011 and continue through April 22, 2012.  Area students are supplied with a barcoded number to provide to their friends and family members.  When scanned during the initial check-out process, the barcode alerts the system of the corresponding school to credit with the purchases from that point forward, making points collection quick and easy.

For every $10 in Food City Exclusive Brand purchases, the designated school receives 1 point towards their School Buck rewards.  Participating brands include:  Food City, Food Club, Full Circle, Paws, ValuTime, Top Care, Rosario’s, Bistro Deli Classics, Academix, Domestix, Electrix, Easy Clix and World Classics products, as well as Kay’s Ice Cream, Terry’s Snacks, Lay’s Meats, Moore’s and Kern’s Bread & Cakes products. 

Food City has pledged a total of $600,000 in contributions for the upcoming school year.  The amount awarded each school will be based upon the percentage of total purchases made by the customers assigned to that school.  Schools can monitor their progress on the Food City website, which will include quarterly updates. 

“Food City has always been an industry leader in supporting the education of our youth and we’re very excited about the return of our Food City School Bucks Program,” commented Ron Bonacci, vice president of marketing for Food City. 

Food City first initiated their Apples for the Students program during the 1990-91 school year.  To date, Food City has awarded nearly 14 million dollars in much-needed educational equipment and tools to over 800 participating area schools. 

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