Hiring tips for the holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, every retailer knows what time it is-time to start seasonal hiring. But be careful what you get.

With unemployment hovering at 9%, the competition for holiday jobs is likely to be fierce. And even though supermarket operators don’t hire as many people as department stores, retailers like Target, Walmart and even neighborhood supermarkets could be inundated with applications for part time jobs, with many applicants hoping that some of them turn into permanent positions after the holidays.

Under the circumstances many retailers think they are in the driver’s seat. But remember, even part timers are brand ambassadors for your stores and what they do-or don’t do-can impact you long after the holidays are over.

It’s hard to know who will work out but here’s some tips for finding the right employees: Look for people who dress appropriately when they come in to see you; be aware of people’s other skills that may be useful in backroom operations; avoid people who say they can’t work during Christmas week; focus on people willing to work odd shifts and weekends; Look for people willing to work after the holidays.


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