A Millennial Perspective… on blogging

Last week I received an e-newsletter from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board announcing the launch of its 3rd annual “30 Days, 30 Ways with Macaroni and Cheese” blog. The WMMB invites 30 of the country’s top food bloggers to contribute recipes that “run the gamut, ranging from simple to sophisticated, stovetop to oven-baked, incorporating more than 25 different Wisconsin Cheeses,” said the e-mail.

My first thought was “Hmmm, where was my  invitation?” (just kidding!), followed by, “Awesome. Another blog to read? I am going to be eating a lot of cheese this month.”

Many of my colleagues at GHQ write about the importance of social media, online promotions and mobile marketing in attracting the millennial demographic at retail. One forum often skipped in this conversation is blogging.

And unfortunately so; it’s an important one. Take it from the only millennial on the GHQ editorial team.

For a generation that had access to the internet before learning its way around a kitchen, cookbooks are a second thought. Personally, I have a large collection from my favorite chefs that I treasure, but when I find myself staring at a random mix of ingredients in the fridge, a book is not the first place I look.

Google isn’t even the first place I look, for that matter. I rummage through the blogosphere. I’m not just looking for a recipe—I want an opinion; I want an original, creative idea; I want a new take on an old favorite.

I want it to be personal.

It’s become modern-day word-of-mouth marketing. More and more manufacturers and retailers are becoming a part of the blogosphere, but not nearly enough. In my opinion, if you have a company website, you should have a blog.

I think I speak for my generation when I say I want to know there is a human, or group of humans, behind that beautiful-looking website that want to help me and tell me what’s going on.

I want to know their favorite recipes, and what they recommend I accompany it with — what wine? what dessert? what topping?

Millennials expect to be able to access information instantaneously. Add smart phones and RSS feeds into the equation and blogs are everywhere—literally. I know I am not the only one searching my fav blogger’s latest creations on my iPhone in the produce aisle. (Seriously, I’ve actually had “which blog is your favorite?” conversations in the store.)

Each week a pool of bloggers walks into a grocery store to stock up on ingredients they will later turn into a masterpiece and post online… all for the love of food. I wonder why there isn’t more collaboration between retailers and food bloggers.

Hint, hint.

Of all the recipes I've found on the web I think these Cookie 'N Cream cupcakes were one of my favorites... or maybe it is just my weak spot for cupcakes.

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