DSS Trapped Key Loading Dock Safety System by Omron STI

Omron Scientific Technologies introduces the DSS Trapped Key Loading Dock Safety System, a simple and effective three-step loading dock safety system, say company officials. Operators lock the trailer brakes, open the loading dock door (automatic outdoor or manual indoor options are available) and safely load/unload and depart. Officials for the Fremont, Calif.-based firm also say this cost-effective system protects dockworkers by enforcing a safe sequence of actions.

“OSHA reports that each year, about 4,800 loading dock accidents are the result of a lift truck running off the loading dock, and that doesn’t include near misses that oftentimes aren’t even reported,” says John Peabody, vice president-integration services, Omron STI. “The problem of unauthorized truck departures at a dock during the loading or unloading of a trailer is obviously a very dangerous reality for many companies.”

The system installs quickly to minimize site disruption, say company officials, and is easy to use because it uses the trapped key concept—meaning that the loading dock door cannot be opened until the trailer brakes are locked. Once the trailer brake glad-hand is set, the glad-hand key is released allowing the loading dock door to be opened. This versatile solution works with all vehicle types and can interlock with other existing dock safety products. The DSS system also ensures compliance with government safety regulations, without wheel chocks or restraints.

DSS Trapped Key Loading Dock afety System
by Omron Scientific Technologies

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