Shout about it!

Having just completed a story about LEED certification, I am probably more aware than the average shopper when it comes to energy-saving equipment in the supermarket.

Knowing that I work for a grocery trade magazine, a friend recently commented that there are now “doors on everything” in the supermarket. Indeed, I shop at the same supermarket and they have put doors on the dairy cases and other medium-temp cases.

She listened carefully when I explained that this is a move to save energy and make the store environment more comfortable. Then she said, “Oh, yeah, I saw some sign but didn’t pay attention.”

While the sign is fairly prominent, this supermarket—and supermarkets in general—could and should do more to tout their efforts to go green.

Another friend recently told me about how her son’s Boy Scout troop was given a tour of a home improvement store, where a store staffer pointed out LED lighting and other energy-saving technologies. She said it made her feel good about shopping in that store.

Supermarkets could take a cue from this Boy Scout tour. If you get the moms feeling good about your store’s efforts to go green, it can go a long way to earning more green.

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