Galleria offers strategic assortment tool

Galleria Retail Technology Solutions, a provider of retail and category optimization
solutions, launched Galleria Strategic Assortment, a range planning solution that enables
retailers to easily build credible assortments across multiple stores and channels. From
distribution partners to the Internet to local stores, the solution allows retailers to instantly see the benefits of a particular decision across the entire estate, company officials say.

“Up to this point, it’s been nearly impossible for retailers to forecast across a broad range
of stores, distribution networks and the Internet simultaneously and produce ranges for
each product sold,” said Mike Humphreys, Galleria’s chief technology officer. “With our
Strategic Assortment solution, retailers can look at all of their products simultaneously
across their entire estate.”

With Strategic Assortment, retailers can achieve a holistic view of where all of their
products are going, whether it’s brick-and-mortar stores, third-party distributors or the
Internet, and identify the range of products needed to meet the demands of consumers
within each channel. In addition, the software provides retailers with instantaneous
information on the financial benefits of any product changes made within each channel.

Strategic Assortment
by Galleria Retail Technology Solutions

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