A Spring Showcase… continued

While April showers may bring us flowers, the rainy Spring month also brings the produce industry a couple of its favorite trade shows— the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) Annual Convention & Trade Show in Calgary, Alberta, on April 11-13, and the New England Produce Council (NEPC) Produce and Flower Expo on April 25 in Foxboro, Mass.

Here are some additional companies for retailers attending the shows to check out. (See “A Spring showcase” from the April 2012 issue here.)

Produce companies exhibiting at both the CPMA and NEPC shows:

Columbia Marketing International
Columbia Marketing International’s (CMI) booth will be topped with cherries. The company’s newly developed cherry packaging and display shelves will be featured, along with its apples and pears’ Orchard Fresh design introduced last year, which includes mini-bins and full- and half-carton display boxes.

The Wenatchee, Wash.-based grower expanded its pear program this year introducing Petite Park Place pears, a 2-lb. bag of smaller-sized pears. “By highlighting the benefit of smaller fruit, this gives retailers a chance to get an additional price point out there and move some additional tonnage on pears,” says Bob Mast, vice president of marketing. www.cmiapples.com

Wilcox Fresh
Wilcox Fresh will be focusing on its value-added potatoes, continuing to feature the Potato Jazz line at NEPC and Zingers at the CPMA in conjunction with The Little Potato Company. “This is the first year we have had a full roll out in Canada. The product has been in place in the Canadian market since only September,” says Jim Richter, executive vice president of sales and marketing for the Rexburg, Idaho-based grower.

Attendees at the NEPC show will be able to learn about the new spice profiles the company is introducing for the Potato Jazz line. “What we are trying to do is pair up the right potato with the right flavor profile to reach a broader target audience,” says Richter. “Some of the flavors we are testing, for example, are Italian, Mesquite BBQ, Cajun and garlic herb. We are trying to jazz up the spices to get them to match with the potatoes the same way you would pair a wine with a center of plate protein item.” They will be available to order right after the show. www.wilcoxfresh.com

Produce companies exhibiting at the CPMA show:

Dole Vegetables has something new to show retailer—Extra Veggie Salads. Inspired by consumer demand for more veggie crunch and flavor, say company officials, each bite comes with a revolutionary stay-fresh pouch of veggies. The line includes three varieties: Baby Spinach & Spring Mix with Grape Tomatoes, Veggie Spring Mix with Snap Peas and Classic Spring Mix with Garden Vegetables.

On the fruitier side of things, Dole Fresh Fruit will be showcasing the yonanas frozen treat maker, employing a proprietary technology that transforms frozen bananas and other frozen fruit into a dessert that resembles soft-serve ice cream—with all the goodness of fresh fruit.

“Yonanas provides a creative and appealing way for consumers to get more fruit into their diet,” says Bil Goldfield, communications manager. “The use of yonanas also helps eliminate a portion of the millions of pounds of spoiled bananas discarded annually in the U.S. and helps retail extend the product usage and its profitability.” www.dole.com

Duda Farms Fresh Foods
Convenience products will be the hot items at Duda Farm Fresh Foods. The Oviedo, Fla.-based company takes conventional items, like celery, Radish Ministicks, Clementines and Meyer Lemons and packages them to preserve flavor and quality for on-the-go convenience. The packaging makes it easier to pick up, provides resealable storage and is proportioned for consumers.

“Duda is focused on providing consumers value-added, user friendly items to fit a variety of lifestyles and preferences,” says Rick Alcocer, senior vice president sales. “Our products have been bred for better quality and flavor, and our convenience products feature packaging and custom cuts designed with the consumer in mind. Come and visit us at CPMA and get a first-hand look at our products and taste the Dandy difference.” www.dudafresh.com

When life gives you lemons… ask Limoneira what to do. The Santa Paula, Calif.-based grower will be showing its family of lemons—Lisbons, Eurekas, Seedless and Sweet Meyers—including its more recent varieties, Variegate Pink Lemons and Limoneira Niños. The Variegated Pink Lemons are small to medium in size, oblong and green and white striped with a pink-colored flesh, while the Limoneira Niños are baby lemons ideal for use in cooking, household and health and beauty.

We are continuing to make it convenient for our international and domestic customers and shoppers to access what they need from Limoneira through our use of QR Codes,” says John Carter, director of global sales.  “When a mobile phone or portable device user scans Limoneira QR codes they are linked to a website containing short videos with text in multiple languages that explain why Limoneira stands out in the areas for its heritage, food safety, sustainability, supply chain and global network.” www.limoneira.com

Naturipe Farms
New packaging will be the talk at Naturipe Farm’s booth at CPMA. The company is introducing a two-piece berry package that has a recyclable top (made from a plastic compound) and recyclable and compostable bottom (made from a fibrous material) that will be used for its organic line of berries. “Consumers who seek out organic produce have made comments that they would like to see more organic packaging,” says Robert Verloop, executive vice president of marketing.

The Salinas, Calif.-based grower will be introducing new varieties of raspberries and blueberries under the Naturipe Selections, a label that represents varieties proprietary to Naturipe Farms. “We are focusing our varieties for eating fresh in order to emphasize the taste factor and texture,” says Verloop. Retailers in Canada can also see Naturipe’s ready-to-eat, triple washed blueberries; the program will become available in Canada later in the year. www.naturipefarms.com

Ready Pac
Ready Pac Foods will be packing in the product. With its line of Bistro Salad Bowls grabbing the center of attention, the Irwindale, Calif.-based company will show its entire line of Bag Salad Blends, Ready Snax and Fresh Cut Fruit. “The Bistro Bowls will be the main focus,” says Tristan Simpson, director of marketing. “The growth for the Bistro Bowls in the U.S. has been tremendous.”

Making its debut at the show, the Bag Salad Blends are now bi-lingual, joining the bi-lingual salad bowls and fresh cut fruit that the company currently sells in Canada. www.readypac.com

Produce companies exhibiting at the NEPC show:

Clifford Produce Sales
Clifford Produce Sales will have a colorful display of product available. Retailers can see its tomato varieties, including its clamshell of multi-colored Super Cherry Fusion Tomatoes, D’vine Cocktail Tomatoes packed in both a clamshell or a biodegradable eco-tray, Grape Roma Baby Plum Tomatoes, Beefsteak Tomato and individual red, yellow and orange clusters of Tomatoes on the Vine. Joining the company’s tomato offerings will be its Baby Italian Eggplant, Red Mystic Sweet Peppers, Seedless Cucumbers, Baby Seedless Cucumbers and Red, Yellow and Orange Bell Peppers.

“From a technology standpoint, we have just recently received a brand new state of the art “Aweta” cucumber packing line that will allow the present cucumber packing line to be upgraded from a G6 (6 drop) line to a G12 (12 drop) turn table style packing system,” says Steve Probstfield, director of business development. “This will increase the per hour case packing ability from 1,500 cases per hour to that of approximately 3,200 cases per hour, providing a huge increase in pack efficiency to better service our overall customer base.” www.cliffordproduce.com

POM Wonderful
POM Wonderful will be housing up with Paramount Farms to feature its line of nuts and juice drinks. Retailers can check out its Wonderful Pistachios, Almond Accents, Everybody’s Nuts! And Wonderful Almonds, all in a variety of sizes.

On the juice side of things, POM will feature its new 8-ounce size of 100% Pomegranate Juice on, along with its Pomegranate, Blueberry, Cranberry Mango and Cherry 16-ounce juices, Pomegranate and Blueberry 48-ounce juices and Pomegranate 24-ounce juice. www.pomwonderful.com

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