Lighting Science Group Expands LEDs

Lighting Science Group, an LED lighting manufacturer, announced the production launch of a revolutionary high output 8-watt LED MR16 bulb that is a direct replacement for traditional MR16 50-watt halogenbulbs. According to officials for the Satellite Beach, Fla.-based firm, the DEFINITY MR16 HO LED bulb is suited to a variety of applications that require directional lighting, including track lighting, recessed ceiling lights, pendant fixtures and retail display lighting.

At only 8 watts and a 25,000 hour life rating, Lighting Science Group’s DEFINITY MR16 HO LED bulb is up to 33% more efficient than competitive products while staying
within the industry accepted form factor and not using any moving parts like fans to achieve its superior performance, say company officials.

“A commitment to superior technology underwrites all Lighting Science Group operations; that’s why our customers can rest assured that they’re offered the most
advanced and widest selection of LED lighting products,” says Jim Haworth, chairman and chief executive officer .

by Lighting Science Group

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