Don’t Hold the Mayo

Everybody’s always looking for that teachable moment—especially when it comes to consumers. But one place that seems to have been overlooked, or at least underutilized is at the register. Until now!

It’s not often you can find a useful marriage of product and technology—let alone a highly profitable one. But that’s what’s happening at St. Marche supermarkets in Brazil where the chain teamed up with Hellmann’s and ad agency Ogilvy in a creative new way to get consumers to use mayonnaise more often.

Special software was installed at registers in about 100 stores. It not only recognized when customers purchased Hellmann’s, but paired it with other items they were buying. It then printed custom recipes on the back of the receipts using Hellmann’s and whatever other products were in their carts—whether it was chicken, beef pasta, sausages, salads or sandwiches.  In one month, mayonnaise sales went up an astounding 44%.

This may be more useful to retailers and CPG companies  than “friending” or “tweeting” and a better way to reach your target audience.

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