GMDC Introduces the GM12 Mobile App

The GMDC 2012 General Merchandise Conference (GM12) mobile app is now available for any Web-enabled phone. With the GM12 Conference approximately one week away, GMDC is excited to announce the latest technology to keep Members informed and up-to-date right at the fingertips of its attendees. This free application will provide helpful tools and direct access to valuable resources for the conference June 1st-5th in Orlando, FL, and continue to be a useful tool and touch-point throughout 2012.

This Smartphone application is FREE for download on multiple platforms and provides full access to both Supplier and Retailer/Wholesalers attendees, and delivers an enhanced conference experience.

Included within the app will be alerts/announcements, hotel information, schedules, schedule changes, attendee roster, maps, local area resources and social networking links. The expectation is that the mobile app will become the “primary” connection point for GM12 attendee, as it has been for past GMDC Conferences. Accessed with high frequency throughout the day and evening during the conference, the GM12 app brings today’s participants together in a simple and user-friendly way.

“Mobile apps are the single best way to communicate to our members with schedules, news, reminders, and the ability to access other attendee’s information. We are excited to launch the GM12 app to enrich and maximize everyone’s event. Our Conference Mobile apps serve as a beneficial tool for follow-up and a a member directory 365 days of the year.” stated Dave McConnell, President and CEO of GMDC.

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