Mighty Kids Media Forms Strategic Grocery Partnerships

Mighty Kids Media has partnered with grocers to deliver kids club programming that celebrates the innate super power each child possesses. They believe there is a super hero inside every child waiting to emerge.

Mighty Kids Media’s flag ship brand, The Danger Rangers captures the attention of children through adventure-filled storylines while educating them with valuable information and empowering them to make smart decisions. The Danger Rangers brand includes an extensive library of television episodes, music, sing-a-long videos, DVDs, CDs, dangerrangers.com an inter-active website filled with games and parent resources, storybooks, activity books and educational curriculum programs for children 3-11 years old.

The Danger Rangers award-winning cartoons can be seen nationwide on CBS Cookie Jar TV. The show airs on Saturday or Sunday mornings based on local scheduling.

Early partnerships were solidified with a Southeast and a Northeast regional grocer to ensure the program elements were effective, executable and drove the desired results. Upcoming kid’s club launches are scheduled with several grocers throughout the United States. Activity books are sold throughout the United States at a major drug store chain. Programs are customizable and scalable based on the needs of the partner.

“Mighty Kids Media is passionate about educating children as well as supporting parents, care givers and educators. We realize their job is a tough one and are committed to provide tools to support their efforts,” says Chris Smith, President.

In addition to grocery retail, Mighty Kids Media is working with consumer package goods companies, traditional retail, children’s hospitals, non-profit groups as well as family-friendly venues.

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