More Sprinkles, Please

Have I ever mentioned that I have a serious weakness for cupcakes?

Chocolate Cookie Dough with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and Cookies

No? Well, I have a serious weakness for cupcakes. My borderline addiction to these handfuls of sugary deliciousness developed way before Ms. Bradshaw strolled through Magnolia Bakery or baking took over the Food Network battlefield. I recognized delight in the perfect icing-to-cake ratio at a very young age, and have been obsessed ever since.

Now, as an adult-like amateur baker, they are my favorite thing put in the oven and I do so for every occasion I can. In the last three weeks I experimented with Chocolate Cupcakes stuffed with Cookie Dough and Vanilla Buttercream frosting, Pumpkin-Carrot with Cream Cheese frosting and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting. All were well received from the friends and colleagues who I subtlety force feed all my baked goods.

As you can imagine, I am constantly buying flour, sugar, brown sugar, confection sugar, cocoa, Bourbon vanilla, baking soda, eggs, milk, butter, oil, etc, etc, etc… Phew. It is a lot.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting in blue Penguin liners

What I also like to indulge in is novelty cupcake liners, sparkly and pearl sprinkles and fondant and sugar shapes. But unfortunately for me, I usually have to hit up a craft store to find anything other than the run-of-the-mill icings and decorations. My local supermarket has a decent amount of shelf space dedicated to baking supplies, with every flavor or chip or filler available, but the area of decorations is pretty bland.

This actually surprises me. For the past few years every manufacturer, retailer, marketer, industry expert and plain old shopper has been discussing the “eat at home” trend. People are—and have been—trading in dining out for home-cooked and home-baked fun.

Well then, where are all the accompaniments and frills for cakes and cookies?

I wish they would offer more. If a Stop & Shop employee had witnessed my excitement when I found blue penguin cupcake liners, I’m sure they would stock more… even if just to see us bakers smile.

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