Welch’s Filled Licorice

FRANKFORD CANDY HAS PARTNERED WITH WELCH’S to develop an innovative product for the rapidly growing licorice category. By adding a jelly filling inside a juice-flavored licorice, Frankford has created Welch’s Filled Licorice.

Welch’s Filled Licorice combines a soft licorice outside with a flavorful jelly filling made with real fruit juice and fruit pectin to deliver real fruit flavors, say company officials. It is available in Concord Grape and Strawberry flavors in a 1.75-ounce package with a suggested retail price of $1.09, and a 3.5-ounce size with a suggested retail price of $1.59.
“We at Frankford Candy are tremendously excited about the debut of Welch’s Filled Licorice,” says Kurt Dungan, vice president of marketing at Philadelphia-based Frankford Candy. “The licorice category doesn’t need just another fruit-flavored licorice. Our goal with Welch’s was to create a unique, great-tasting product that leverages Welch’s brand strength with consumers.”

“We’re proud of what Welch’s and Frankford Candy have accomplished together,” says Lino Marrero, business development manager at Concord, Mass.-based Welch’s. “This is a fun innovation for the category that appeals to a broad audience. Kids will love the soft, easy-to-chew texture and the fun jelly filling, while adults will appreciate the bolder, real fruit flavors.”


Welch’s Filled Licorice

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