IDDBA’s consumer shopping research says variety plays a key role in the deli/ bakery

A key finding of the new report, Consumer Shopping Dynamics: The Decision Tree, from the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA) is that variety is an impactful factor in the in-store deli and bakery departments.  The research found a greater demand for niche products, a wider array of options, customization opportunities, and healthier offerings.  The full report is available at

Today, consumers have many choices in where to purchase their food. This broadens their perceptions and expectations of product offerings. However, simply offering many different items is not enough. And stores can’t depend only on the top selling varieties. Specialty or niche products can draw customers in. Customization options for cakes or catering and limited time products are also ways to communicate variety. Orderly presentation, well-stocked shelves, and supportive signage are also factors that must be part of the deli/bakery experience. Together these factors tell the customer that the store cares and the products are high quality.

Many consumers are trying to practice healthier eating habits. Another trend is that more people are eating at home. Together, these two ideas present a great opportunity for delis and bakeries to showcase healthy options. Keep in mind that “healthy” means something different to each consumer. This is another reason why variety becomes key to a successful deli or bakery.

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