Navitas Naturals Offers Retailers Free Point of Purchae Displays

Navitas Naturals is pleased to introduce the Navitas Cardboard POP Display, an attractive new presentation tool for superfoods that is being provided free to their retail store customers. The small footprint display offers stores an effective way to drive secondary placement sales or to highlight a specific product.

The new 63 inch-high standup cardboard display, which features the artistic Navitas superfoods icon graphics, is sturdy and easy to assemble. The 2-sided white and gray display provides 10 shelves that can hold 60 units of products. It can be used flat against a wall or as an island with product on both sides.  Navitas recommends having one product type per shelf.  It also has a brochure holder into which stores can stock their new “Smoothment” brochures.

Navitas Naturals also offers retailers a large Wire Metro Rack display, and a space-saving Spinner Rack. The Wire Metro Rack comes with a color branded sign for the top, clear shelf liners and price clips. It’s one-sided with 6 shelves, each of which fits 24 units.

The 4-sided Spinner Rack can clip and display 72 product bags, and it comes with a gray and white Navitas logo sign for the top. It’s sturdy and efficient, but not recommended to hold 16 ounce bags. Unlike the Cardboard POP Display, the Metro Rack and Spinner Rack have minimum purchase requirements to receive a free display.

Navitas POP Displays

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