Little Lady Foods Launches New Website

Little Lady Foods, a custom frozen foods manufacturer of pizza, gourmet sandwiches and other dough-based products, will launch a state-of-the art website in January 2013, detailing its products and how the company works in partnership with clients, following their process, to arrive at success.

The new website design

“Innovation comes from extensive research, category expertise and creative thinking. We stay ahead by always thinking what’s next for our customers and the premier custom frozen foods marketplace. The website is a reflection of our core philosophy– serving our customers better and giving potential businesses yet another reason to trust us to create best-selling products, from frozen pizza to sweets and meats and other products made with flour & water and the highest quality ingredients,” says Peter Cokinos, VP Sales & Marketing.

The website will highlight the company’s customized approach to the contract manufacturing process, which starts by understanding clients’ foodservice or retail goals and factoring in their current product mix and goals for the future. “We take great pride in partnering with our customers early on in the development process and sharing our expertise to ensure a product and supply-chain solution that fit their unique needs,” says John Geocaris, CEO, Little Lady Foods.

Little Lady Foods

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