Excitment is in the air

Can an opening of a new store really get consumers excited?

The answer is yes and a great example is what is happening in New Jersey right now with the opening of a couple of Wawa convenience stores throughout the northern half of the Garden State.

According to the Newark Star-Ledger, Wawa is set to open just its third store in New Jersey this week. The company’s president says the chain, which appears to have a legendary following thanks to its coffee and cheap gas prices, plans to open five units per year in New Jersey for the next decade and beyond.

“The last time we had something this exciting is when they opened a White Castle and it blocked traffic for a mile,” said one consumer, anticipating the opening of the new Wawa in Kearney, N.J.

So the next time you think that retail is dead, remember all the excitement about the opening of a convenience store. It shows that if you offer consumers what they want, there is a good chance they may actually get excited about it.

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