KIKU Apple Pouch Bags Now Available

CMI is partnering with retailers to take apple sales to the next level with its high-graphic KIKU shippers. Available in both a five-box euro display with bulk fruit and tote bags, and a two-box euro display with 2-lb. pouch bags. All KIKU tote bags and pouch bags come complete with the story of KIKU, its parentage, flavor profile and more.

Tote bags also have a PLU number on the handle to ensure proper identification at the register; while the pouch bag comes complete with a crisp-clear viewing window to show the consumer the premier fruit they are about to purchase.  There is a QR code on all bags that leads consumers to quick tips on the variety, a grower video, recipes, craft ideas and contest information.

“Everything looks very nice, we zeroed in on color and sugar standards today and we are confident that consumers will enjoy this year’s KIKU eating experience,” says Bob Mast, vice president of marketing. “The KIKU apple has been growing a large following over the past few seasons with consumer acceptance being beyond CMI’s initial expectations. We have really been quite surprised by the overwhelming positive feedback we have received thus far.”

CMI continues to enforce strict quality standards for the KIKU.  Before making it into bright KIKU packaging, the apples are machine and hand sorted – maintaining their red-stripped appearance and each KIKU box packed maintains strict flavor standards. KIKU shipments have begun this week and will continue to ship for approximately eight weeks.

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