Food Lion and Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem Commemorate New Exhibit

Food Lion customers and visitors will have their first opportunity this weekend to experience a new, interactive exhibit to give children a hands-on experience to understand the grocery industry from child’s perspective.

“This new Food Lion exhibit will give children an exciting grocery shopping experience, with fun food preparation areas and sophisticated check-out counters that accommodate a wide range of ages,” said Elizabeth Dampier, Winston-Salem Museum Executive Director

Children will be able to go behind miniature-sized counters and cash registers and pretend they are checking out customers. They will also be able to experience three preparation areas to further allow them to imagine they are Food Lion associates.

“Food Lion is proud to launch this interactive exhibit for the community where children can learn first-hand about what it’s like to be in a Food Lion grocery store,” said Allen Frost, Food Lion’s director of operations for the Winston-Salem area. “This exhibit will allow them to experience the everyday operations of a grocery store in a fun, interactive way.”

The Children’s Museum will also launch its Inner Voice Initiative that Celebrates Confidence, Compassion & Choice to help children build self-esteem and confidence, by making mindful decisions, and encourage empathy and compassion for self and others.

The Inner Voice Initiative will inform the museum’s programming, including food and wellness events, select story times and crafts and added activities offered throughout the coming year.

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