Organic Industry Honors Businesses with Responsible Packaging Awards

The Responsible Packaging Project announced the winners of the 2012 Responsible Packaging Awards at the Organicology Conference on Friday, February 8th.

The annual awards recognize organic and natural food companies for achievements in packaging. Directed by the projects three guidelines: Transparency, Ecological Principles, and Extended Producer Responsibility, awards are given in four categories:

  • Source Reduction
  • Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Next Life

“A new format was used for the latest round of awards. By having four award categories the intent is to provide more clarity and accessibility for the award. The four award winners embody forward thinking and commitment to sustainability. We are excited to recognize companies who are driving the definition and innovation of responsible packaging,” says Nate Schlachter, Executive Director of the Sustainable Food Trade Association.

The award recipients are:

  • Saint Benoit Creamery  – Extended Producer Responsibility award for a regional, reusable, returnable and refillable ceramic jar system.
  • Revive Drinks – Extended Producer Responsibility award for a regional, reusable, returnable, and refillable glass bottle system.
  • Packaging 2.0 / Whole Foods Market – Innovation award for collaboration on a 100% recycled post-consumer content PET clam shell, made of recycled plasticbottles and third party verified recycled content claim.
  • Chico Natural Foods – Extended Producer Responsibility award for a 100% recycled content, reusable, and recyclable to the manufacturer, LDPE #4 grocery bag, which reduces use of single use paper grocery bags.
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